Principled Leadership: Making a Vision Actually Work

by Craig Doerksen July 22, 2017

The ideal vision of a classical Christian education is very attractive. It can be easy to, in the name of that ideal, try to do things as a school that actually don’t work. But you know that they should! Come learn how to start with principles and apply them so that you can turn your […]

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Reviving the Pedagogy of our Tradition

by Andrew Elizalde February 15, 2017

Much work has already been done to understand and clearly articulate a distinctly classical and Christian curriculum. Meanwhile many teachers are still left wondering what instructional methods and modes of learning actually ought to look like within the daily grind of their classrooms. In this session we will address nine essential elements of distinctly classical […]

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Orthodox Hermeneutical Presuppositions: The Soul of Classical Christian Education

by Paul Wolfe June 6, 2016

The soul of classical Christian education is found in our Confessions, perhaps more particularly in our theological and philosophical hermeneutical presuppositions. This talk will begin with a brief overview of major epochs of Christian hermeneutics in order to set up a demonstration of the distinctions and similarities between premodern, modern and postmodern interpretive presuppositions. Emerging […]

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Christian hermeneutics classical christian education modern postmodern premodern

Whose Rationality? Classical Christian Education and the Ordering of Faith and Reason

by Ken Myers June 6, 2016

The reform of education embodied in the classical Christian school movement represents a challenge to Enlightenment assumptions about the nature and ends of reason and about the scope and consequences of religious belief. But the terms and ramifications of this conflict are not always clearly understood. Moreover, much contemporary Christian discipleship and apologetics (perhaps unwittingly) […]

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