Staying Mission True (or Preventing Mission Drift)

by Jean Kim July 21, 2017

Facing mission drift is inevitable unless your school intentionally seeks to and works to remain mission true. Starting from the assumption that classical Christian schools have  a fantastic mission to protect, this session will outline common ways that schools can suffer mission drift and provide practical suggestions for remaining mission true, generation after generation.

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The Liberal, Common, and Fine Arts

by Ravi Jain July 21, 2017

Over the past three decades, Christian classical schools have championed the recovery of the liberal arts and discovered lost wisdom in the Trivium as the arts of language and the Quadrivium as the arts of mathematics. But while unearthing these treasures, many have also noted C.S. Lewis’ warning in The Abolition of Man. If we […]

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We Have Issues: Why Classical Christian Schools Should Have Strong Journalism Departments

by Becky Ryden July 17, 2017

We teach a lot of Rhetoric in classical schools, and put it to good use through writing and thesis presentations. However, there is an argument to be made for using those same skills to produce a Rhetoric School publication for and by the student body. These publications benefit the school and the student. In this […]

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