Planting an Urban Classical Christian School

by Russ Gregg November 9, 2018

The education of at-risk youth is the civil rights movement of our day. Public and charter approaches can’t get to the heart of the crisis. Come learn about the story and distinctives of Hope Academy and its “start small, dream big and grow slow” strategy. Participants will walk through an overview of the school’s model […]

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Classical Education Classical Schools Development Education Growth Urban Education

Christian Classical Education as a Mission Strategy in Africa

by Karen Elliott November 9, 2018

Africa may be reached by the gospel, but Africans say that Christianity “is 2000 miles wide and a centimeter deep.” In the next 30 years, one out of every two human beings will be born in Africa. Should we not be concerned? That explosive growth – combined with extensive poverty and great educational challenges – […]

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Africa Classical Education Classical Schools Educators Leadership Mission Strategies

Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in the Classical and Christian Classroom

by Leslie Collins November 8, 2018

Classical Christian education is the best possible way to nurture the soul. It involves the best methods, materials and message to build the Kingdom of God that is intended for the “least of these.” What are we doing to make this blessing available for students with disabilities? Schools are often unsure of how to make […]

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Classical Education Classical Schools Inclusion School Culture Special Needs Student Support

The Challenge of Cultural Correctness

by Bob Benne November 8, 2018

More threatening to Christian Classical schools than “political correctness” is “cultural correctness,” the widely disseminated moral and religious assumptions that are often embedded in Christian parents and students, even those who are likely to come to Christian Classical schools. What is “cultural correctness,” and how does it operate to undermine Christian institutions? How should we […]

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Classical Education Classical Schools Education Faith School Culture Theology Worldview

Student Recruitment and Retention

by Peter Baur June 21, 2013

Interactive discussion of the most effective means of moving prospective parents to enrolled students.

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Classical Schools Recruitment Student Enrollment

Building a Healthy School Community

by Rod Gilbert June 10, 2013

A vibrant classical school must also be a vibrant community of teachers, parents, students, administrators and school supporters. Weaving and building a meaningful community of all these people is an art that requires ongoing effort, planning, assessment and adaptation. It also requires that love animates all our relationships and professional interchange. In this seminar we […]

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Classical Schools Community Parents Relationships School Culture Students Teachers

Taking Your School from Good to Great

by George Sanker June 9, 2013

George Sanker has worked successfully at a classical school in Colorado, helping grow and improve the school over several years. In this seminar George and his team will share his current work at the Covenant School in Virginia and discuss how they are laboring to transform a broadly evangelical Christian school without a clearly defined […]

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Classical Schools Education Growth Liberal Arts

Classical School Sustainability in Changing Times

by Mark Guthrie June 9, 2013

Charter schools, home schools, magnet schools, parental abdication, and economic hardships are only a few of the challenges that Classical Christian schools must face in the future. How can our schools not only maintain, but thrive moving forward? Mark Guthrie will present strategic ideas for the future sustainability (and growth) of Classical Christian schools.

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Classical Schools Growth Strategies Sustainability

Demystifying Effective Fundraising

by Jason Lewis June 30, 2012

Far too many organizations remain content with the most ineffective fundraising strategies characterized by mediocre events, low response rates, and high staff turnover. In this workshop, Jason will demonstrate that there are no secrets when it comes to raising extraordinary gifts, hiring a rock-star fundraiser and evaluating fundraising performance. With the help of three unorthodox […]

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Classical Schools Fundraising

Greeks, Geeks, and Cleats- Advancing the Classical Model

by Beck Brydon June 3, 2012

A vibrant athletic program is a co-curricular and essential to the advancement of a classical model school, and provides discipleship opportunities that the classroom cannot. come hear how Regents School of Austin’s “Theology of Sport” is instrumental to the execution of a healthy, right-prioritized athletic department that strengthens the school’s community.

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Athletics Classical Education Classical Schools Community

How to Build a Healthy, Thriving Middle School Pt. 2

by Liz Benigno May 28, 2011

This seminar is a continuation of the first seminar How to Grow a Healthy Thriving Middle School. This seminar is designed to help schools find the qualities a teacher needs to possess in order to teach and mentor young teenagers.

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Classical Schools Middle School School Growth Teachers

Qualities of Exemplary Schools

by Timothy Wiens May 28, 2011

As schools consider their impact upon student learning, understanding the nuances of effective schooling is imperative. The implementation of research-based best practices, both institutionally and academically, enables schools to prioritize that which is truly important and develop short and long-term plans that will serve to ensure appropriate school growth and sustainability.

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Classical Schools School Growth

Standards and Accountability for Christian Schools

by Timothy Wiens May 28, 2011

This session will continue upon the theme established in Dr. Wiens’ first seminar, Qualities of Exemplary Schools. During this session, the CESA Standards of Accountability will be outlined and explained. These standards are research-based and are meant to inform and enable schools to maximize their potential and provide tools for ongoing growth and sustainability.

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