The Sacramental Classroom: Creating Assignments that Invite The Holy Spirit

by Annie Bullock June 27, 2014

The integration of faith into the learning environment requires a delicate balance between guidance and permission to wrestle with core issues, including faith and doubt. Young people need leadership but they also need the freedom to be vulnerable and honest as they explore. This seminar will address practical ways to facilitate trust between teachers and […]

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Classroom Faith Growth Students Teachers

Story-telling in Daily Lessons

by Trish Detrick June 26, 2014

This workshop will introduce techniques to enliven the content of all subject areas into vivid stories that will captivate your student and nourish their souls

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Classroom Methods Teachers Teaching

Teaching with Excellence

by Trish Detrick June 26, 2014

Explore ten skills that every teacher should master in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in the classroom.

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Classroom Education Teachers Teaching

14 Essential Elements of Classical Christian Mathematics Instruction

by Andrew Elizalde June 26, 2014

Contextualize through storytelling; love your subject out loud; color your classroom with traditionas and routines; engage all of the senses as often as possible; contemplate truth, goodness, and beauty; present archetypes worthy of imitation; teach Socratically through problem solving; move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract; derive and demystify formulas; canonize arguments […]

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Classroom Mathematics Teachers Teaching

Teaching from A Place of Rest -Christ-Centered Teaching

by Andrew Kern June 26, 2014

We are counseled to, “Be diligent to enter his rest,” but what does it mean to enter His rest and how can we do so in our schools and classrooms? The answers are surprisingly practical, and unsurprisingly important. Come and reflect on how diligence and rest belong together in Christ.

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Classroom Faith Teachers Teaching

Assessment that blesses

by Andrew Kern June 26, 2014

When we assess, we can guide or confuse our students, sustain or undercut their work, and bless or curse them. Come and explore how to bless, edify, and ennoble your students while removing and overcoming common obstacles to the blessing we seek.

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Classroom Learning Teachers Teaching

Making Elbow Room for Faith in the Science Classroom

by John Mays June 26, 2014

How should faith statements be balanced with scientific statements in science classes? In this workshop we will develop four classes of observable phenomena. We will note that while the Creator is involved with his creation at all levels, our ability to formulate a natural explanation for a given phenomenon depends on which class it is […]

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Classroom Faith Science Teachers

Integrating Elements of the True Story across the Curriculum

by Pamela Stanford June 26, 2014

It is challenging for most students to realize that what they do, because of who they are in Christ, really matters. Using the paradigm of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration in all the disciplines helps students to grasp that they are significant tools for redemption.

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Classroom Faith Teachers

Enabling new IT capabilities without breaking the bank.

by Kevin Gerber June 26, 2014

Learn about how other classical schools are addressing new trends including personal devices, student access, technology in the classroom and the cloud services.

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Classroom Teachers Technology

Establishing A Peace-Making Culture

by Eric Cook June 26, 2014

How much time do you spend in conflict with others at school? Whether it is teachers and parents, students and students, administrators and teachers, board members and administrators, every type of relationship in your school community has or will experience pain, miscommunication, broken trust, and disappointment. What you do next speaks volumes about your school […]

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Classroom Communication Environment Relationships

Teaching with Excellence

by Lori Jill Keeler June 21, 2013

Both new and experienced classical Christian teachers will be equipped with strategies, techniques, and principles to guide their instruction. Tools for the teaching toolbox along with tips on how to use them more effectively in the classroom will give every teacher more resources to teach with excellence to improve student learning.

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Classroom Learning Strategies Teaching Techniques

Poetic Knowledge: Horse Sense in Our Classrooms

by Robyn Burlew June 21, 2013

How do we prevent our students from simply learning facts about our subjects? Looking for ways to cultivate “poetic knowledge” is crucial in helping our students come to fuller understanding and appreciation of a topic. Application will be appropriate for all grade levels.

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Classroom Strategies Subjects Teachers

Incorporating Liturgies in the Classroom

by Jenny Rallens June 10, 2013

We all love the subjects we teach, but what ultimately calls us into the classroom each morning is the hope that we are changing lives and impacting eternal souls. Though we don’t often write “soul impact” time into our lesson plans, we know that cultivating affections (what a person loves and wants) can transform an […]

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Classical Education Classroom Liturgy Students Teachers

Teacher Collaboration

by Trish Detrick June 10, 2013

We were created to live in fellowship. As beautiful as it is to set a teacher in a classroom and watch the magic that occurs, we need one another to be successful and effective educators. We must communicate in order to meet our academic, behavioral, and cultural objectives. Each class, grade, or school division can […]

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Classical Education Classroom Strategies Teachers

Shepherding the Grammar School Heart

by Lori Jill Keeler June 9, 2013

Based on the works of Tedd and Paul David Tripp along with years of practical application in the classroom, this seminar will help grammar school teachers learn how to deal with students’ hearts and their own as they do the hard work of daily classroom life.

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Classroom Grammar Teachers