Faculty Culture: the Key to Student Culture

by Leslie Moeller February 15, 2017

We will detail why your student culture and satisfaction starts with a healthy faculty culture. We will also explore the key elements of healthy and unhealthy faculty cultures and the steps that you, as Head, must take to ensure that your school has one.

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Modern Pressures, Ancient Practices, Space for Grace – A Chapel Theme for Christians in the current cultural moment

by Bryan Verbrugge June 16, 2016

“Teenagers live today in a world of competing allegiances.” How disoriented our students must feel! The questions provoked by life in America today in some ways aren’t new, but in many ways are deeper and more pressing than ever before. Because of this, at Covenant we chose a chapel theme to help us as a […]

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Culture Care

by Makoto Fujimura June 16, 2016

Mokoto Fujimura discusses the relationships between Christianity, art, culture, and family, and reflects on the work of the artist in a fallen world.

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Cultivating Spirituality and the Challenge of Technology

by David Diener June 16, 2016

Digital screen technologies are playing an ever-increasingly present role in our lives and the lives of our students. While such technologies have many benefits, they also pose a number of significant challenges to the cultivation of spirituality. In this seminar we will begin by briefly looking at some statistics about how today’s youth use digital […]

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Panel: Ken Myers, Andy Crouch, and Makoto Fujimura on Culture

by Ken Myers June 15, 2016

Ken Myers hosts a panel with Andy Crouch and Makoto Fujimura to discuss the nature of the Christian relationship to culture.

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Classical School Meets Pop Culture

by Ken Myers June 10, 2013

For most Americans, what we call “popular culture” provides the horizon, the vocabulary, the texture and rhythm of cultural experience. Trying to establish the presence of the permanent things around which classical schooling is ordered often creates a clash of sensibilities more severe than any conflict in content. Ken Myers will offer a framework for […]

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Cultivating the Affections of our High School Students in the Age of Lady Gaga

by Peter Vande Brake June 25, 2012

Our high school students live in a culture where narcissism, materialism, concupiscence, and relativism are nurtured and rewarded. This seminar will look at some practical ways that educators and administrators can cultivate the affections of our young people toward virtue in a world where this has never been a more difficult task.

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Creating a Vibrant Faculty Culture

by John Heaton May 28, 2011

Creating and maintaining a healthy faculty culture is key to sustaining student performance over the long term. It is the single, strongest, difference-making factor over which you have direct control. This seminar will examine what faculty members, department heads, principals, and headmasters can do to improve the teaching cultures of their schools. It will examine […]

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