The Art of Debate: Developing Students Who Cling to Truth

by Tim Goodwin July 17, 2017

The Word of God is clear that Christians are to hold ethics in a place of utmost importance. The purpose of debate is to show students that they are called to think eternally, following an avenue that impacts the way they live in 21st century America. Therefore, the focus is to build the students’ Biblical […]

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biblical Debate Senior Thesis Student

Why Your School needs a Forensic Team

by Leslie Moeller June 10, 2013

Most classical and Christian high schools have discovered that competitive outlets are critical to the health and vibrancy of their high schools and yet they struggle to develop extracurricular competitive teams that fully reflect the unique focus and philosophy of their schools. Come learn about the most mission central high school team that your school […]

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Classical Education Debate Forensics Upper School

Socratic Literary Exploration: How to Teach Dialogically

by Grant Horner June 30, 2012

Professor Grant Horner will lead a fully interactive Socratic teaching dialogue demonstrating interrogative pedagogy. Seven to ten seminar participants will work Socratically through two or three brief, connected literary passages from John Milton, one classical pagan author, and Scripture. If the seminar has more attendees than that, the extras will observe. The last ten minutes […]

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Classical Education Debate Pedagogy Teachers

Debate: Coaching a Classical Christian Team that Wins the War of Words

by Leslie Moeller June 29, 2012

Geneva school of Boerne started a competitive high school debate team three years ago with six students meeting once a day at lunch. Today, competitive debate is a full year class and they compete at the state, national and international levels in two debate events. They have represented Geneva and classical education at the Texas […]

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Classical Education Debate Rhetoric