Using Classical Art Pieces to Integrate History and Biology

by Robbie Andreason July 20, 2017

Art is a powerful way to capture the ideas of a time period. Come and see mini versions of presentations I have done with my ninth-grade biology class to help my students understand the development of science and biological thought throughout the flow of history.

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Art Biology Development Science Students

Habits of Mind and Singapore Math

by Mo Gaffney July 19, 2017

Whether you are implementing Singapore Math or are simply looking to improve the math culture in your school, this session is for you. Changing the way math is taught requires more than just a change of textbooks. A successful transition requires the development of habits of mind in our teachers and students. This session will […]

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Development Singapore Math Student

Technology in the Classical School Classroom

by John Heaton June 6, 2016

Technology tends to promote access to information for larger and larger groups of people, and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals and communities. Thus, technology is a sociological force with results that can be demonstrated, if not accurately measured. In the last 75 years, technology has been viewed by educators with narrower, but higher […]

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Classroom Development Educators Technology

Charlotte Mason’s First Principles—Children are Persons

by Maryellen St. Cyr June 28, 2015

Central to an authentic Christian philosophy of education is the conviction that “children are persons” who, though corrupted by original sin, remain bearers of the Imago Dei. Few classical Christian teachers would question this. Yet, too many fail to fully recognize the practical consequences of such a belief. If children are persons, it changes our […]

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Charlotte Mason Development Image Bearers Pedagogy Teachers Worldview

A System for Staff Development – Moving and Growing Together

by Kay Belknap June 26, 2014

Utilizing the Administrative structure to develop leaders and to provide targeted training for faculty and staff.

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Development Leadership Learning

Cross-Cultural Community and Human Formation

by Jesse Hake June 25, 2013

“Human Formation within an Intercultural Learning Community” will outline the value of taking classical education into cities, with their naturally cross-cultural settings. Christian formation happens most effectively within such contexts. Through real-world anecdotes from Logos Academy in York, PA and the application of ideas from James K.A. Smith, this seminar will share successful approaches for […]

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Classical Education Community Development

Demystifying Effective Fund-Raising

by Jason Lewis June 10, 2013

Private schools are notorious for being especially dependent upon the least effective and most inefficient fundraising techniques on the planet. Championed by headmasters, directors, board members, consultants and software companies, the sacred cows of professional fundraising won’t be losing their tenured spots in your development plan anytime soon. That is unless after attending this workshop […]

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Development Fundraising Strategies

Principles and Elements of Effective Professional Development

by Andrew Elizalde June 10, 2013

The Biblical concepts of sanctification and community will set the foundation for a professional development plan that both encourages all teachers and challenges teachers to higher levels of professionalism. An overview will be given of a plan composed of: peer and self observation, collaborative lesson design (a.k.a. Lesson Study), a four year cycle of readings […]

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Development Professionalism Strategies Teachers

Thriving Not Surviving: A Real Life Plan for Teacher Development

by Rod Gilbert June 25, 2012

Teachers who thrive as individuals and professionals inspire students. So, build your teacher development program around the objective of developing teachers within their specific needs for improvement. Most teachers find themselves often in a “just survive” mode that is not healthy for themselves, their families, nor their students. You must demonstrate enough care and investment […]

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Development Students Teachers

Budgeting Basics: Funding Your Mission With What You Have

by Chuck Evans May 28, 2009

Revenue and cost are the simple components of a school’s financial planning and management policies. But they are not that simple, are they? This workshop walks through he process of determining costs, matching price, and experiencing the benefit of prudent planning. This seminar provides a discussion of common problems like addressing rising costs, designing realistic […]

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Budgeting Classical Education Development Funding