Leading the Team

by Andrew Smalley November 9, 2018

How can you help raise teacher and student engagement? How must your approach differ between creative types and educators? Come explore the challenges many schools face and find some answers. We’ll discuss how to harness the creative spirit in your school and examine strategies for follow-through.

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Churches: For or Against Us?

by Davies Owens November 9, 2018

Success for Classical Christian schools is highly dependent on the engagement and health of the local Church. But despite many school’s efforts to require church attendance from families, all too often the students who show up on Monday morning lack basic biblical and theological knowledge and are often struggling to find the practical role of […]

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Church Classical Schools Development School Culture Strategies

The Seven Secrets of Successful Capital Campaigns

by Brad Layland November 9, 2018

Your school is growing and you are ready to acquire permanent space, expand your campus or fund a key initiative. Is it time for a capital campaign? Join us to learn the seven “must haves” for your campaign to succeed. Time will be available to discuss attendees’ specific questions.

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Calling Our Students to Lead: A Leadership Class for High School Students

by Sara Kennedy November 9, 2018

Classical schools beautifully prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Classical Christian schools interweave that scholarship with discipleship. Such graduates are well-prepared to continue their studies at the university level and to flourish as life-long learners, employees, parishioners, artisans and more. But are we doing enough to explicitly call and equip our students to lead? […]

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Instructional Support Program

by Lori Jill Keeler November 9, 2018

Westminster’s Instructional Support program wants to share its success with other schools looking to increase the student/teacher ratio, give students more individualized attention and increase opportunities for students to have needed remediation, enrichment or reinforcement of required content and skills. From the how and why the program was established to practical scheduling and logistics issues, […]

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Healthy Student Culture: It Starts with the Faculty

by Jonathan Horner November 9, 2018

Perhaps the best way to have students who love to learn, love each other, and love God is to do those things ourselves. A faculty committed to the historic disciplines of the Christian faith may be the best way to cultivate these types of students.

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Planting an Urban Classical Christian School

by Russ Gregg November 9, 2018

The education of at-risk youth is the civil rights movement of our day. Public and charter approaches can’t get to the heart of the crisis. Come learn about the story and distinctives of Hope Academy and its “start small, dream big and grow slow” strategy. Participants will walk through an overview of the school’s model […]

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Nurturing Our Youngest Writers

by Mo Gaffney November 9, 2018

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God” (John 1:1). Come learn about research on beginning writers and how to develop early writing skills beginning in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade. This session goes beyond handwriting and spelling. Our youngest learners are full of stories and […]

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Classical Education Classroom Development Grammar School Learning Literature Students Teaching Writing

Why Knowledge Matters: How an Over-Emphasis on Skills is Corrupting the Classroom and What Can Be Done About It

by Martin Cothran November 8, 2018

Modern education theory emphasizes skills and downplays content. But is there really such a thing as “reading skills,” “critical thinking skills,” or “problem-solving skills” apart from specific content knowledge? What does research say about whether skills can be learned outside of content domains? Can abstract skills be tested and what do these tests really measure? […]

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Poetic Knowledge: Horse Sense in Our Classrooms

by Robyn Burlew November 8, 2018

How do we prevent our students from simply learning facts about our subjects? We must foster “poetic knowledge,”the pre-rational and experiential knowledge that equips students to connect information and concepts to the world. Poetic knowledge is necessary for full understanding, appreciation and love for a topic. Application will be aimed at Lower and Middle School […]

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Using Classical Art Pieces to Integrate History and Biology

by Robbie Andreason July 20, 2017

Art is a powerful way to capture the ideas of a time period. Come and see mini versions of presentations I have done with my ninth-grade biology class to help my students understand the development of science and biological thought throughout the flow of history.

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Art Biology Development Science Students

Habits of Mind and Singapore Math

by Mo Gaffney July 19, 2017

Whether you are implementing Singapore Math or are simply looking to improve the math culture in your school, this session is for you. Changing the way math is taught requires more than just a change of textbooks. A successful transition requires the development of habits of mind in our teachers and students. This session will […]

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Development Singapore Math Student

Technology in the Classical School Classroom

by John Heaton June 6, 2016

Technology tends to promote access to information for larger and larger groups of people, and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals and communities. Thus, technology is a sociological force with results that can be demonstrated, if not accurately measured. In the last 75 years, technology has been viewed by educators with narrower, but higher […]

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Classroom Development Educators Technology

Charlotte Mason’s First Principles—Children are Persons

by Maryellen St. Cyr June 28, 2015

Central to an authentic Christian philosophy of education is the conviction that “children are persons” who, though corrupted by original sin, remain bearers of the Imago Dei. Few classical Christian teachers would question this. Yet, too many fail to fully recognize the practical consequences of such a belief. If children are persons, it changes our […]

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Charlotte Mason Development Image Bearers Pedagogy Teachers Worldview

A System for Staff Development – Moving and Growing Together

by Kay Belknap June 26, 2014

Utilizing the Administrative structure to develop leaders and to provide targeted training for faculty and staff.

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Development Leadership Learning