American Civil (Ir) Religion and Christian Peoplehood: Education and the Intuition of Membership

by Ken Myers July 20, 2017

In recent years, there has been a widespread recovery of an awareness that education (like discipleship) is a process of formation that addresses the imagination and the affections. This process involves embodied practices (“liturgies”) within communities that have specific moral and theological horizons. Because children are likely to be malformed by many conventional practices in […]

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Christian schools Church Discipleship Education Religion

Wonder Leads to Worship

by John Mays June 6, 2016

Constant saturation with technology can produce students who are jaded and apathetic. However, humans bearing the divine image are designed to contemplate the wonders produced by the divine hand and worship the creator in response. In this workshop, we will examine the role in of wonder at creation in the process of discipleship. We will […]

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Discipleship teaching methods Wonder Worship

Reclaiming Adler’s Three Pillars for Engaging the Great Books and Students

by Robert Woods June 6, 2016

I would explain Adler’s three pillars as articulated within his Paideia trilogy and demonstrate how using this approach for teaching the Great Books is akin to discipleship and that it is the most engaging approach with rich rewards.

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approach Discipleship Paideia trilogy

Integrating the Gospel using the Creation, Fall, Redemption, & Restoration Paradigm

by Pamela Stanford June 28, 2015

All that we do has purpose and meaning, because as believers, we are going somewhere and should want to bring others along on the journey. We will discuss practical ways to help students discern the elements of the gospel across disciplines and specific ideas on how to train students to think redemptively and to put […]

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Discipleship Interdisciplinary Strategies Worldview

Charlotte Mason, the Art of Student Formation and the Classroom

by Bill St. Cyr June 28, 2015

Answering the question, What is optimal pedagogy? Bill St. Cyr, Ph.D., Executive Director of Ambleside Schools International, explores the insights of contemporary neuroscience and the ideas of British educator, Charlotte Mason.

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Charlotte Mason Classical Education Discipleship Pedagogy Science

Other Voices: Gerard Manley Hopkins and Science Instruction

by John Mays June 28, 2015

In classical and Christian schools we seek rigorous academics and a robust Christian worldview, but these are not the only necessary ingredients for instruction that ennobles the mind and educates the whole person. In any discipline, there are “other voices” that speak to our hearts and minds. In this workshop we will explore ways that […]

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Art Curriculum Discipleship Interdisciplinary Literature Music Science Strategies Subject Integration

Science: Discovery and Discipleship

by John Mays June 28, 2015

The history of science is a history of discovery, but the historical role of discovery is now threatened by the limited exposure to nature that is now common among young people. In this seminar, we will examine ways teachers can reinvigorate the study of science in the midst of a culture that has lost a […]

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Curriculum Discipleship Grammar School Pedagogy Science Strategies Upper School

Doing What Comes Naturally: Design-Based Discipleship

by Jeff Myers May 28, 2009

There isn’t “one best way” to disciple others. Scripture indicates that we have each been given certain gifts to use for the building of the body of Christ. If we disciple based on those gifts, not only will our impact increase, but we’ll also be able to relate life-on-life in a way that is fun […]

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