Panel Discussion: Teaching Bible and Theology in a Classical School

by Jim Watkins June 28, 2015

Teaching Bible and theology in a classical school comes with its own peculiar set of challenges. To what extent should a Bible/theology teacher be sensitive to the diverse influences that inform her students’ understanding of their faith? What is the best way to address controversial subjects in a Bible/theology classroom? What does it meant to […]

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Bible Classical Education Discussion Theology

Q & A with Andrew Peterson

by Andrew Peterson June 28, 2015

Singer, songwriter and author Andrew Peterson will engage in a discussion with those present about a life of music, writing and art.

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Art Discussion Music Writing

What is a Harkness discussion?

by Geary Linhart June 28, 2015

This seminar will discuss the history of round table discussions at Veritas School in Newberg. It will attempt to explain why we implemented these graded discussions in the upper level Humanities courses, howe we set up discussions, and how we assess them. This seminar will share tested procedures for implementing and managing fruitful Harkness discussions […]

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Assessment Curriculum Discussion Humanities Strategies Upper School

Encouraging Unity in the Body of Christ: Framing Science Discussions While Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly

by Allison Jackson June 28, 2015

Christians may disagree about the details of ‘how’ and ‘when,’ but for our discussions we agree on this foundational doctrine: 1) Encourage a respectful discussion within the body of Christ and with those outside Christianity 2) Recognize that both strict naturalists who dismiss supernaturalism and strict adherents to certain secondary doctrines within Christianity can squelch […]

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Classroom Community Discussion Leadership Parents Science Strategies

Socratic Dialogue Demonstration and Analysis

by Grant Horner June 28, 2015

Join Grant Horner as he discusses Socratic Dialogue in the classical classroom.

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Discussion Pedagogy Strategies Subject Integration Upper School

Why Read Stories? Connecting the Great Books and the Good Life

by Cherie Harder June 28, 2015

In many ways, hosting reading and discussion groups is a highly counter-cultural exercise: In our distracted, virtual, and isolated world, it is a hospitable invitation to paying rigorous attention to a challenging text within a community. This seminar will provide practical how-tos for creating, launching, and maintaining a compelling reading group.

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Discussion Great Books Literature Story / Stories

Panel: Logical Categories and Rhetorical Topics of Invention: What is the Difference, and Why Does it Matter?

by Phil Donnelly June 28, 2014

The logical “Categories of Being” and the rhetorical “Topics of Invention” bear a striking resemblance; nevertheless, they seem not to be reducible to one or the other. Why is that? What exactly is the relationship between them? Why is that relationship important for teachers to understand? with: Martin Cothran and James Selby

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Discussion Rhetoric Teachers

Greatest Challenges For School Heads – learning from one another?

by Peter Baur June 26, 2014

This session provides a unique opportunity to bring up any subject of interest, issues you face, and or problems you need solved and benefit from the wisdom and experience of others. As subjects are raised, Peter will facilitate an efficient and effective dialogue among those gathered providing wisdom and input from others. At the least, […]

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Classical Education Discussion Learning

Training in the Skill of Discussion

by Jenny Rallens June 21, 2013

To ancient and medieval educators, teaching was inspired conversation: communion of mind and heart through skillful discussions, with young children as well as highschoolers. Much like the art of painting or sculpture, these discussions required a host of skills which were taught and practiced routinely over the course of years. Today, most classical schools expect […]

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Discussion Grammar Pedagogy Teaching