Healthy Student Culture: It Starts with the Faculty

Perhaps the best way to have students who love to learn, love each other, and love God is to do those things ourselves. A faculty committed to the historic disciplines of the Christian faith may be the best way to cultivate these types of students.

The Role of Faculty in Re-Enrollment

Are you an admission office of one? Or an admission office of five? What if you could harness the power of your entire faculty and staff? In this session, we will explore the role of faculty in re-enrollment and retention and how you can inspire them to assist you! Session will include a lecture and […]

Faculty Culture: the Key to Student Culture

We will detail why your student culture and satisfaction starts with a healthy faculty culture. We will also explore the key elements of healthy and unhealthy faculty cultures and the steps that you, as Head, must take to ensure that your school has one.

Seminar Weeks

Annual “Summer Weeks” at Covenant Christian Academy give upper school students the opportunity to learn beyond the typical classroom format and have become beloved tradition. The faculty chooses a topic, normal class schedules are suspended, and students work in mixed-grade groups for the week. An unforeseen benefit is the camaraderie and team-building that Seminar Week […]

Creating a Vibrant Faculty Culture

Creating and maintaining a healthy faculty culture is key to sustaining student performance over the long term. It is the single, strongest, difference-making factor over which you have direct control. This seminar will examine what faculty members, department heads, principals, and headmasters can do to improve the teaching cultures of their schools. It will examine […]

Strategic Planning

ISM’s approach to evaluation of faculty: Derived from ISM’s six-year research project into student performance, satisfaction and enthusiasm.