Whose Rationality? Classical Christian Education and the Ordering of Faith and Reason

by Ken Myers June 6, 2016

The reform of education embodied in the classical Christian school movement represents a challenge to Enlightenment assumptions about the nature and ends of reason and about the scope and consequences of religious belief. But the terms and ramifications of this conflict are not always clearly understood. Moreover, much contemporary Christian discipleship and apologetics (perhaps unwittingly) […]

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Encouraging Students to Pursue Science as Noble Profession

by Jeff Zweerink June 28, 2015

Many view science as an enemy of the Christian faith. Astrophysicist, Dr. Jeff Zweerink, will provide tools to help teachers equip students to pursue scientific careers in a way that will strengthen their faith while contributing to our understanding of the universe.

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Confronting Concupiscence of the Ears: Music and the Moral Imagination

by Ken Myers June 28, 2014

Education is typically structured to sharpen dull minds, to re-order confused thinking. But the senses are also in need of discipline. God has given us five senses with which to know and engage Creation and — through Creation — something of Himself. St. John (I John 2:16) starkly warns that disordered desires can afflict the […]

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Faith-Learning Integration

by Steve Mittwede June 28, 2014

Faith-learning integration is a stated goal of classical education that is also Christian (CCE). However, such an aspiration does not guarantee that faith-learning integration actually is or becomes a hallmark of CCE. In some CCE settings, faith-learning integration is impeded because of undue emphasis on the humanities, whereas in other CCE contexts it is waylaid […]

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The Sacramental Classroom: Creating Assignments that Invite The Holy Spirit

by Annie Bullock June 27, 2014

The integration of faith into the learning environment requires a delicate balance between guidance and permission to wrestle with core issues, including faith and doubt. Young people need leadership but they also need the freedom to be vulnerable and honest as they explore. This seminar will address practical ways to facilitate trust between teachers and […]

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Teaching from A Place of Rest -Christ-Centered Teaching

by Andrew Kern June 26, 2014

We are counseled to, “Be diligent to enter his rest,” but what does it mean to enter His rest and how can we do so in our schools and classrooms? The answers are surprisingly practical, and unsurprisingly important. Come and reflect on how diligence and rest belong together in Christ.

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Making Elbow Room for Faith in the Science Classroom

by John Mays June 26, 2014

How should faith statements be balanced with scientific statements in science classes? In this workshop we will develop four classes of observable phenomena. We will note that while the Creator is involved with his creation at all levels, our ability to formulate a natural explanation for a given phenomenon depends on which class it is […]

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Integrating Elements of the True Story across the Curriculum

by Pamela Stanford June 26, 2014

It is challenging for most students to realize that what they do, because of who they are in Christ, really matters. Using the paradigm of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration in all the disciplines helps students to grasp that they are significant tools for redemption.

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A Lesson in Grammar School Literature: Aristotle and Charlottes Web

by Mary Clifford June 9, 2013

Using Aristotle’s thoughts on friendship and E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web as an example, we will experience an actual lesson in which the great classical thinkers and Biblical principles can be taught at the grammar level and applied to children’s literature. We will further discuss exploring ideas of teaching grammar students to think about literature, and […]

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Aslan in The Academy: What C. S. Lewis Can Teach The Modern Educator

by Louis Markos June 7, 2013

In addition to being a famed writer and speaker, C. S. Lewis was a dedicated teacher who, with the same synthetic, shaping imagination he brought to Narnia, creatively integrated his public, academic role as professor and scholar with his private, personal identity as follower of Christ and defender of the faith. In this talk I […]

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Guidelines for Realizing Biblical Faithfulness in Science and Math

by John Mays June 29, 2012

Science classes at classical and Christian schools should embody key distinctives that differentiate them from typical classes at other schools. The same holds true for math classes. One of the distinctives is biblical faithfulness. In this seminar the presenter will argue that simply starting class with prayer or a Bible reading, or acknowledging God as […]

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Cultivating the Affections of our High School Students in the Age of Lady Gaga

by Peter Vande Brake June 25, 2012

Our high school students live in a culture where narcissism, materialism, concupiscence, and relativism are nurtured and rewarded. This seminar will look at some practical ways that educators and administrators can cultivate the affections of our young people toward virtue in a world where this has never been a more difficult task.

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Culture Faith Upper School Virtue

A Deuteronomy Six Classroom

by Trish Detrick June 25, 2012

We are proud of our status as classical schools, but what does it mean to be Christian educators? To embrace this calling is more than adding Bible to our Grammar curriculum. Scripture commands that we utilize every moment to train children in godliness whether we sit in our classrooms, walk by the way, lie down, […]

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The Paideia of the Lord

by Andrew Kern June 2, 2012

Paul tells fathers in Ephesians to raise there children on “the paideia of the Lord.” But does the Bible have a pedagogy for us to follow? In this workshop, Andrew Kern explores what we can learn about teaching from the first three chapters of Genesis, specifically meditating on the apparent approach that the Lord uses […]

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Towards a Christian Philosophy of Science

by John Lennox May 28, 2011

Are there any common pitfalls among Christians when trying to reconcile faith and science that we should seek to avoid? Does Christian faith offer constructive direction for further developments in natural science (e.g. reconciliation of field and particle theories through theological models of Christ or the Trinity, Cambrian explosion as God’s creative action, information/mind as […]

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