Stewarding Lateral Entries into Language: Successes and Failures in Growth and Assimilation

by Marcus Foster July 17, 2017

This seminar will relate the success (and failures) of expanding the language program at Covenant Classical School (Fort Worth) over the past years. From adding Greek, to doubling class sizes and sections, to widening the capabilities of student support, this department has seen more lateral entries nearly every year. Challenges abound, such as dealing with […]

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Ancient Rhetoric Drills: A Hands-on Workshop

by David Miller June 28, 2015

Come to this workshop and practice short writing drills based on ancient Greek and Roman rhetoric drills. Participants will be asked to inflect eloquent phrases through shifting tense, case, and other grammatical attributes. This will show the strong relationship between grammar and rhetoric. Workshop participants will volunteer and publicly read their inflections while working on […]

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Trivium Incarnatum: The Work of a Grammarian

by David Miller June 28, 2015

The classical teacher should strive to become a grammarian, logician, and rhetorician as they are the trivium incarnatum. A teacher takes their first steps toward the trivium incarnatum through the study of Latin or Greek. As they become a grammarian, their soul is prepared to be struck by truths outside of themselves as they learn […]

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It’s Always Fun Until Someone Loses an Eye – Finding the Delight and the Beauty in the Tragedy of Oedipus

by Rachel Greb June 28, 2015

How do we get past the “ewww” factor and help our students appreciate the depth of Greek tragedy more fully? Focusing on the Oedipus plays, we will address finding beauty in the midst of tragedy, and how it is necessary to complete the experience of reading the Greek tragedians.

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Rote Memorization and Classical Education

by Christian Kopff June 22, 2011

Progressive Educators in order to free young minds for unfettered creativity denounce “rote memorization.” Classical Christian Educators privilege memorizing as “learning by heart.” Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein argues that the ancient Greek “Art of Memory,” practiced by Cicero in antiquity and Classical educators in the modern world, is essential for a humane life.

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CS Lewis and Latin

by Christian Kopff June 21, 2011

C.S. Lewis had a classical education and read the Greek and Latin classics throughout his life as sources of pleasure and truth, what he called “joy.”. This session will confront his discussion of the Seven Liberal Arts, his Latin Letters to Don Giovanni Calabria, and his recently published translation of Virgil’s Aeneid.

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