Teaching Sentence Diagramming as Story Telling

by Catherine McChristian June 6, 2016

In his book Teaching as Story Telling, Kieran Egan encourages teachers to incorporate imaginative story-telling techniques into our lessons. But how can we teach grammar as a story? How can diagramming sentences spark the imagination? The aim of this workshop is to explore how to set up the task of diagramming sentences as a mystery […]

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Grammar Imagination Language Teaching

SCL Journal Winter 2016—Speaking Well: The Centrality of Language in Classical Christian Education

by SCL Journal March 29, 2016

The senior thesis project, prevalent in most classical Christian schools, is built upon a deep and rich foundation that makes eloquent expression possible. Rhabanus Maurus, a monk and student of Alcuin, in his “Education of the Clergy,” said, “Grammar is the source and foundation of all the liberal arts. It should be taught in every […]

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Grammar Language Rhetoric Senior Thesis

Latin Literary Analysis

by Karen Moore June 28, 2014

Literature is the artful use of language to paint images and convey emotions through a variety of techniques based on vocabulary and syntax. What better way to study this art form than by reading the master works of such literary artists as Vergil and Cicero as composed in their own tongue? Author and teacher Karen […]

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Language Latin Literature Teachers

Reaching for Rhetoric in Foreign Languages

by Lisa Snyder June 26, 2014

Language possesses the potentional to be both tool for communication and art form. Discover how to lead your students from learning vocabulary and verb charts to articulating their likes, recounting a tale, decoding poetry, or simply conversing eloquently. Explore the possiblities for incorporating literature and historical figures in weaving a story and inviting your students […]

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