Envisioning, Structuring and Situating Earth Science in Classical Education: The Value and Planning of a Course in Earth Science, and Why Earth Science Should Be A Logic- or Rhetoric-Stage Subject

Earth Science (ES) enjoyed a prominent place in classical scientific enquiry, and the weight given to ES continued through medieval and modern times and into the present. Unfortunately, the centrality of ES as a field of study is being lost, even in many classical schools. Increasingly, ES is diminished to facts learned in the Grammar […]

Lesson Planning for Optimal Student Learning

The most effective teaching and the most meaningful student learning happen when teachers design the right learning targets and use them along with their students to aim for and assess understanding. This practical seminar will be helpful for elementary and secondary teachers as they strive to be more intentional in their instruction and assessment, with […]

Science Alive!

How do you breathe life into your science curriculum? If you want to know how to integrate science with history, math, writing and more, this is the workshop for you. Come receive practical tips and a hands-on demonstration that will set the stage for future stimulating lessons.

The Art of Crafting Effective Lesson Plans

Whether formal or informal, detailed or simplistic, every effective teacher creates a plan for the lesson to be taught. Different schools have different standards for lesson plans, but there are universal components that should be contemplated for every lesson. This workshop will display the key components in effective lesson planning and establishing curricular memory at […]

Curricular Planning From the Top Down

Top down (12-K) Curricular planning. This session will address the need for curriculum planning to “Begin with the end in view.” What outcomes do we want for our graduates? What knowledge, skills and virtues are essential for a graduate to reap the full benefits of the education that our mission claims to offer? We will […]