Essential Logic: What Every Teacher Should Know in Order to Effectively Utilize and Integrate Logic Into His or Her Subject Area

by Jeremy Sturdivant November 9, 2018

As Classical Christian educators, we see logic as so essential to what and how we teach that we refer to the second stage of learning as dialectic and to the corresponding school as the school of logic. While many Upper School teachers would like to integrate logic into their classes, many have not received formal […]

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Logic for the Real World: How to Apply Logic in Today’s Chaotic and Often Irrational World

by Joelle Hodge November 9, 2018

Now more than ever it seems our culture is in need of thoughtful, reasoned discourse and argument. Far from being merely an academic subject, logic brings clarity to our own thinking and also enables us to engage with ideas across disciplines, media and culture. Sometimes teaching students how to think can seem like a daunting, […]

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Using Argument Maps to Develop Argumentation Skills

by Bryce Carlisle June 16, 2016

Students’ ability to design and understand their arguments can improve by teaching the relatively simple skills of argument mapping. While dozens of software programs such as Rationale and Augumentative make applying this skill relatively easy, teachers and students can apply simple rules with blank pieces of paper and colored pencils to practice the process of […]

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Envisioning, Structuring and Situating Earth Science in Classical Education: The Value and Planning of a Course in Earth Science, and Why Earth Science Should Be A Logic- or Rhetoric-Stage Subject

by Steve Mittwede June 28, 2015

Earth Science (ES) enjoyed a prominent place in classical scientific enquiry, and the weight given to ES continued through medieval and modern times and into the present. Unfortunately, the centrality of ES as a field of study is being lost, even in many classical schools. Increasingly, ES is diminished to facts learned in the Grammar […]

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Trivium Incarnatum: The Work of a Grammarian

by David Miller June 28, 2015

The classical teacher should strive to become a grammarian, logician, and rhetorician as they are the trivium incarnatum. A teacher takes their first steps toward the trivium incarnatum through the study of Latin or Greek. As they become a grammarian, their soul is prepared to be struck by truths outside of themselves as they learn […]

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Redeeming Science Instruction: Some Proposed Principles with Applications in the Middle School Classroom

by Jason Faulkner June 28, 2015

In this seminar, Jason will summarize his takeaways from the 2014 Alcuin Retreat by way of a proposal of principles essential to a classical, Christ-centered approach to science instruction. Jason will discuss what he believes must be rejected as well as what must be embraced if we are to recover the true nature of science […]

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The Grammar of Mathematics

by Andrew Elizalde June 21, 2013

Three interpretations of the classical trivium (grammar, logic/dialectic, and rhetoric) will be suggested: one, stages of development; two, course content; and three, elements of classical pedagogy. The stages interpretation will include defining the grammar of mathematics to be counting strategies, place value, and the composition and decomposition of units of higher value. An argument will […]

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Introduction to The Trivium

by Christopher Perrin June 9, 2013

It was a return to teaching the Trivium arts (grammar,logic and rhetoric) that started the renewal of classical education nearly 30 years ago. In fact much of the renewal of classical education can be characterized as “Trivium-Based Education.” This seminar is designed for those new to classical education who need to understand the origin, development […]

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Teaching Latin in the Logic School

by Karen Moore June 11, 2011

They have outgrown the cute songs and jingles, they have mastered amor, alas, amat; so what is next? This presentation gives practical advice on how to teach students in the logic stage of learning (grades 7-9) by making use of the styles of learning that suit them best. This not only includes building on the […]

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