Slaying the Cram-Pass-Forget Dragon

by John Mays July 17, 2017

The norm for classes in contemporary schools is the Cram-Pass-Forget cycle. Students cram for tests, pass them, then forget most of what they crammed in just a few weeks. Instead of cramming and forgetting, students should learn, master; and retain what they have learned. This workshop presents an overview of a tested and proven mastery-oriented […]

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Slaying the “Cram, Test, Forget” Dragon

by John Mays June 26, 2014

There are significant benefits to building an upper school science sequence around an introductory physics course in 9th grade. On the other hand, there are serious weaknesses and missed opportunities associated with the common practice of placing all students in biology in 9th grade. In this seminar we will explore the physics-first sequence in detail […]

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Teaching Students so that Students Learn Science

by John Mays June 21, 2013

Top students tend to learn a lot of science content, but are often weak on integrating that content with other areas such as epistemology, history and Christian faith. Mid-level students are often in an even worse position, manifesting the same weaknesses as those with strong academic performance, but lacking anything like mastery of science content. […]

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