Teaching Geometry through Euclid’s Elements

by Arron Kau July 19, 2017

Euclid’s Elements is the most successful and influential mathematics textbooks ever written, served as the foundation of mathematical understanding for students for over two millennia, and stands as one of the greatest and most beautiful achievements of the human intellect produced by Western civilization. While it’s obvious that the Elements ought to stand at the […]

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Mathematics in the Liberal Arts Tradition

by Ravi Jain July 19, 2017

While today math teachers often struggle to convince their students of the usefulness of the discipline, the tradition famously advocated the study of mathematics for a completely different reason. The ancients and Medieval believed the study of mathematics to play a crucial role in developing wisdom and the faculty of human reason in students. But […]

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Augustine descartes Liberal Arts Mathematics pascal

Cultivating Mathematical Affections through Service-Learning

by Josh Wilkerson July 19, 2017

This seminar will focus on the integration of service-learning projects in the mathematics curriculum as a means of cultivating mathematical affections in students-developing a habitual inclination to view mathematics as a worthwhile endeavor. This seminar will equip participants to design, implement, and evaluate service-learning projects in which students partner with nonprofit organizations. Through these projects, […]

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Teaching Arithmetic Classically

by Andrew Elizalde February 15, 2017

In this session we will challenge popularized notions of the “grammar of mathematics” as well as critique the prominence of “rote memorization’ in our grammar school instruction. Then we will explore an alternative approach to teaching arithmetic, moving from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract in a way that honors the structure of […]

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Puzzle, Proof, and Play: A Pedagogy of Wonder for Mathematics

by Ravi Jain June 6, 2016

Most math teachers love mathematics and one of their greatest desires is to nurture a similar love in their students. But more often than they might like the structure of the mathematics curriculum seems opposed to the cultivation of this wonder in mathematics. This workshop will explore how teaching math through a pedagogy of puzzle, […]

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Curriculum Mathematics Plato Wisdom Wonder

Why Before How: Making A Math Transition (Chris Hall, Dr. Mo Gaffney)

by Chris Hall June 28, 2015

Whether you are implementing Singapore Math or are simply looking to rev up the math culture in your school, this session is for you. Changing the way math is taught requires more than a change of textbooks. A successful transition requires thoughtful navigation through a constellation of considerations, from the scripts that guide your teachers’ […]

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Curriculum Leadership Mathematics Singapore Math Strategies

Science Alive!

by Lynn Gilpin June 28, 2015

How do you breathe life into your science curriculum? If you want to know how to integrate science with history, math, writing and more, this is the workshop for you. Come receive practical tips and a hands-on demonstration that will set the stage for future stimulating lessons.

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Curriculum History Lesson Planning Mathematics Science Subject Integration Writing

Making Mathematics Memorable

by Andrew Elizalde June 28, 2015

This session will begin with a brief survey of works on the art of memory from those of the ancients to modern works on neuroplasticity. Then implications for the teaching of grammar school mathematics will be described, including the teaching of arithmetic proficiency through memorable concrete and visual experiences that result in enduring understanding.

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Singapore Math in the Classical School

by Patti Chesney June 28, 2015

This session will focus on four topics: the basics of the Singapore math philosophy, how the Singapore math philosophy aligns with classical model of education, teaching Singapore math with fidelity, and how parents can support the children at home.

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Classical Education Grammar School Mathematics Parents Singapore Math

How big is their iceberg? Connections between conceptual and procedural understanding in mathematics.

by Janet Andreason June 28, 2015

Participants will explore the difference between conceptual and procedural understanding and how each can be viewed and applied in the mathematics classroom. Discussion will center around strategies for developing and identifying conceptual understanding and instructional strategies for supporting student learning of mathematics.

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Classroom Mathematics Pedagogy Strategies

14 Essential Elements of Classical Christian Mathematics Instruction

by Andrew Elizalde June 26, 2014

Contextualize through storytelling; love your subject out loud; color your classroom with traditionas and routines; engage all of the senses as often as possible; contemplate truth, goodness, and beauty; present archetypes worthy of imitation; teach Socratically through problem solving; move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract; derive and demystify formulas; canonize arguments […]

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Proof Writing Across the Curriculum

by Andrew Elizalde June 26, 2014

The practice of proof writing is too often restricted to rigid two-column format and limited to the one-year experience know as upper school geometry. In this session I will make a case for teaching proof writing, the composing and presenting of convincing mathematical arguments, in a variety of formats across the mathematics curriculum. Then I […]

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Mathematics Teaching Upper School

Math for Goodness Sake

by Josh Wilkerson June 26, 2014

How do we as Christian educators instill in students an appreciation for the inherent goodness of math? This question is of vital importance as many students (and, let’s be honest, some teachers) experience mathematics as confusing, stressful and generally contrary to anything considered good.

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Learning Mathematics Teachers

Reclaiming Mathematics as a Liberal Art: Storytelling in Math Class

by Arron Kau June 24, 2014

We know that math is supposed to be one of the liberal arts, yet math is one of the least appreciated subjects among students. Let’s consider how treating math as a story rather than as a “fact” might help us reach the souls of our students.

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Mathematics Pedagogy Upper School

Strategies for Refining/Reforming a Mathematics Program

by Andrew Elizalde June 25, 2013

An overview will be given of steps taken and lessons learned during the last four years of mathematics reform at Veritas School. Particular attention will be given to four critical components: one, composing a comprehensive curriculum map; two, repairing / reconnecting a disconnected / excessively modularized curriculum through “essential questions” and “concept threading”; three, refining […]

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