The Recovery of Memory–Before We Forget That We Have Forgotten

It used to be that students were capable of memorizing large amounts of important literature, Scripture, speeches and important information. If humans have not changed, and are still just as capable of memory, what has changed? Our educational culture, expectations and pedagogy. In this seminar, we will explore the way memory was used, developed and […]

Rote Memorization and Classical Education

Progressive Educators in order to free young minds for unfettered creativity denounce “rote memorization.” Classical Christian Educators privilege memorizing as “learning by heart.” Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein argues that the ancient Greek “Art of Memory,” practiced by Cicero in antiquity and Classical educators in the modern world, is essential for a humane life.

Memory Work

A recent Google query for “How to memorize” turned up 2,380,000 matches. This is amazing and telling when the current view among progressive educators and our culture at large is that memorization is merely “drill-and-kill.” Without any real learning and that information can be easily accessed through available technology that memorization is unnecessary. At Trinity […]