Loving Language in the Youngest Years: Harnessing Movement, Music, Image, and Memory for Good

by Marcus Foster July 21, 2017

This seminar will develop the theory, methods, mechanics, and materials for differentiating language instruction to young students (4th and below), emphasizing kinesthetic, auditory (melodic, rhythmic, dynamic), and visual elements (using color, images, graphs, art, motions). While much of the source material will stem from Latin, the content will be applicable to other languages. The seminar […]

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language instruction mechanics Methods visual

Would Jesus use a Harkness Table?

by John Scholl June 6, 2016

The study of classical Christian pedagogy should begin with the Gospels. Jesus is a Master Teacher, whose disciples adopted his teachings and faithfully transmitted them to an ever increasing group of students. As a result, Jesus presents a great model for us as teachers. In this workshop, we will examine Jesus’ teaching methods, in particular […]

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Jesus Methods Pedagogy Teaching

Teaching Writing in Humanities Courses

by Rick Trumbo June 6, 2016

Join veteran teacher Rick Trumbo of Veritas School in a conversation about practical ideas for instructing students in writing in the context of an interdisciplinary humanities course. Rick will suggest general principles of writing instruction and specific assignments and methods of assessment which he has employed, as well as soliciting discussion from workshop participants in […]

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Humanities Methods Principles Veritas School

Teaching Is…. an Art

by Christopher Perrin June 6, 2016

In 1950 Gilbert Highet wrote a book called The Art of Teaching. Highet was a well-regarded teacher of classics at Columbia University (a colleague with Jacques Barzun) and he knew very well that the teaching profession was rapidly be transformed into a science by his fellows at the nearby Columbia Teacher’s College. Highet was not […]

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Methods Modern Education systematic Teaching

Story-telling in Daily Lessons

by Trish Detrick June 26, 2014

This workshop will introduce techniques to enliven the content of all subject areas into vivid stories that will captivate your student and nourish their souls

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Classroom Methods Teachers Teaching

The Art of Memory: How To Teach Memory Beyond Chants and Jingles

by Jenny Rallens June 26, 2014

In classical education today, memory has been limited to playing a very narrow and specific role. When we think of memory, we think of the grammar or “poll parrot” stage of the Trivium. We think of the rote memory of Shurley grammar jingles, Latin chants , multiplication tables, Bible memory passages, cheesy history songs, and […]

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Classical Education Memory Methods Teachers Teaching

Better Physics Experiments: Cheap, Fun, and Solid

by John Mays June 14, 2011

While laboratory experiments in biology routinely capture students’ imaginations, traditional workbook experiments in physics can be very frustrating. Equipment tends to work poorly, equipment costs can be high, students have a hard time understanding the artificial equipment, and students often are not enthusiastic about the dreary experiments. In this workshop we will review a number […]

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Biology Methods Physics Teaching