Teaching Middle School Literature

This seminar will present criteria for 1) choosing literature that is appropriate developmentally, correlates with the curricula as well as the logic phase, and encourages a love of reading in students; 2) building on the grammar of literature and comprehension strategies; 3) using methodology that will train student to think about and discuss literature logically […]

Can We Lead People Beyond Self-preoccupation to God’s Larger World?

The middle school years are some of the most rewarding of all for the teacher who is prepared to engage the student in the class. Few tools reach them more effectively than great stories. So why is it so hard? This workshop explores simple approaches to arouse your middle school students’ minds and hearts to […]

Ancient History in the Modern Classroom

Have you been struggling with ideas to implement the trivium in history to your classroom? This is a seminar you should attend to explore new ideas to help your students learn from the ancient world and apply it to the modern classroom.

The Enigma Years: Bringing Middle Schoolers along for the Long Haul

We all know that pre and early adolescents are curious little creatures. Grades 5 through 8 are the critical hinge point in students’ academic careers, not to mention the point at which they and their parents will decide how and where to invest their four-year-run-up to college. How do we establish middle years programs that […]

How to Build a Healthy, Thriving Middle School Pt. 2

This seminar is a continuation of the first seminar How to Grow a Healthy Thriving Middle School. This seminar is designed to help schools find the qualities a teacher needs to possess in order to teach and mentor young teenagers.

How to Build a Healthy, Thriving Middle School Pt. 1

Middle school is often the last area of a school to be given the attention needed. Middle school students are often treated like big grammar students confined by the very atmosphere that flourishes the younger student. This seminar is designed to give schools the tools needed to help grow the student body while maintaining discipline, […]