A Classroom Full of Embodied Beings: How Does That Change Our Pedagogy? Part 2

by Athena Oden July 17, 2017

This session will build heavily on Part I. If we understand embodied cognition, how does that create a paradigm shift in our pedagogy? We will explore the sensory and motor systems of our human makeup, classroom strategies, handwriting, and yes, behavior.

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Motor Development motor system Pedagogy

Webinar: Why Can’t They Just Sit Still?: An Exploration of Dualism’s Impact on Modern Education

by Athena Oden October 13, 2016

The culture of American education is increasingly focused on one goal: higher performance at a younger age. As a result, very young hearts are anxious and fearful under the pressure of expectations that are perhaps beyond their ability. Our prekindergarten to elementary children struggle to sit ‘properly’ in classrooms and wield a pencil to demonstrate […]

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Classroom Motor Development Values Webinar

Motor Development and Academic Success

by Jessica Gombert May 28, 2011

Most educators take for granted how our bodies operate, and how the experiences of our bodies teach us to understand the world around us. Without the incredible and finely tuned machine called our body, our brain would be at a loss to describe the world. Our ability to see, touch, feel, hear, move, and control […]

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Learning Motor Development