The Music of the Spheres and the Hidden Places of the Mind

by Greg Wilbur November 9, 2018

It is no secret that music affects the brain in particular ways that other types of learning do not and cannot. How can we seek to engage all of our mind with a proper understanding of musical studies—not as enrichment or extracurricular, but as an integrated part of knowledge and educational disciplines?

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Classical Education Education Music Subject Integration Teaching

Tools of Engagement: Drawing Students into the Joyful Pursuit of Music Making

by Tools of Engagement: Drawing Students into the Joyful Pursuit of Music Making July 21, 2017

Today’s music educator must reach the heart of the student while shining a light on the mechanics of making music. In this workshop, teachers will participate in engaging grammar school music lessons that are both challenging and enjoyable, believing all of life is enhanced through an appreciation and understanding of music. Participants will leave with […]

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Classroom engagement Grammar Music

Good to Very Good

by Andy Crouch June 17, 2016

What is our role in the world as followers of Jesus Christ? Andy Crouch considers the place of humans in the creation as sub-creators and imitators of God Himself and how our acts of creativity bring glory to the Creator. From advertisements to birds to Bach, he contemplates the relationship between Christianity and creativity.    

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The Great Dance: How the Cosmos Sings and Moves by Love

by Greg Wilbur June 28, 2015

Jesus upholds the universe by the Word of His power and the center of the cosmos is Love that binds everything together in perfect harmony. The idea of music and dance as formative images appears in the writing of Augustine, Boethius, Dante, Lewis and Charles Williams. Formal dance requires the learning of steps, mutual submission […]

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Q & A with Andrew Peterson

by Andrew Peterson June 28, 2015

Singer, songwriter and author Andrew Peterson will engage in a discussion with those present about a life of music, writing and art.

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Art Discussion Music Writing

Other Voices: Gerard Manley Hopkins and Science Instruction

by John Mays June 28, 2015

In classical and Christian schools we seek rigorous academics and a robust Christian worldview, but these are not the only necessary ingredients for instruction that ennobles the mind and educates the whole person. In any discipline, there are “other voices” that speak to our hearts and minds. In this workshop we will explore ways that […]

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Crafting a Classical Music Curriculum: One School’s Ongoing Journey

by Lilli Benko June 28, 2015

Lilli Benko, music teacher/administrator and violinist at Veritas School in Richmond, VA, will share the story of her growing school’s developing music program and the successes and ongoing challenges. Her presentation will include a teaching demonstration of the “Paper Orchestra” and her blueprints for a distinctively “classical” and integrated K-12 curriculum. All are welcome, especially […]

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Classical Education Music Orchestra

The Integrated Imagination

by Andrew Peterson June 28, 2015

The creative act, as suggested by J. R. R. Tolkien, is one of the purest expressions of the image of God in us. Andrew Peterson discusses the redeemed imagination and the way stories, music and art can be signposts to the Kingdom.

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Imagination Music Story / Stories Tolkein

Confronting Concupiscence of the Ears: Music and the Moral Imagination

by Ken Myers June 28, 2014

Education is typically structured to sharpen dull minds, to re-order confused thinking. But the senses are also in need of discipline. God has given us five senses with which to know and engage Creation and — through Creation — something of Himself. St. John (I John 2:16) starkly warns that disordered desires can afflict the […]

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Creation Education Faith Habits Music Theology

Building a Classically-Based Orchestra and Music Program

by B. Sterling Archer June 28, 2014

This seminar will discuss ways to start and develop a successful ensemble (band or orchestra) in a private school setting as well as avoiding common pitfalls.

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Arts Classical Education Music Orchestra

Forum: The Teacher as Cultivator of Music

by Ken Myers June 26, 2014

Cultivating music is not just the responsibility of music teachers. This panel, led by Ken Meyers, considers the role of music in the mission of classical schoo

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Mission Music

Cultivating Aural Hygiene

by Ken Myers June 26, 2014

In recent years, a lot of attention has been given to the ways in which communications technologies have nurtured a spirit of distraction that affects reading and reasoning habits. Ken Myers will examine how technologies similarly disable our ability to listen well, and how we can fight back, individually and corporately.

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Habits Music Technology

Round Table Conversation: Arts Integration in Classical Education

by Round Table Conversation: Arts Integration in Classical Education June 26, 2014

Designed to facilitate conversation among leading art/music ‘thinkers’ in the classical movement, this seminar will connect educators and administrators to share their best practices and pedagogy for integrating the arts into all subjects.

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Arts Classical Education Educators Music Pedagogy

Training the Affections: Inviting Students to Love Great Music

by Lilli Benko June 27, 2012

As modern American culture trends towards shorter (and flashier) media presentations, our society – including the church – is at risk of loosing the common language of the great works in music and fine arts. Our children are increasingly less familiar with the beauty of music and lack the attention skills and knowledge to understand […]

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The Quadrivium

by Ravi Jain May 28, 2010

The four liberal arts of the Quadrivium- arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy – have been central to the Western vision of education since the time of Plato and Aristotle. They actually provide the tools of learning for many other areas of study and historically undergirded the birth of modern science. This seminar will explore how […]

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