Building a Healthy School Community

A vibrant classical school must also be a vibrant community of teachers, parents, students, administrators and school supporters. Weaving and building a meaningful community of all these people is an art that requires ongoing effort, planning, assessment and adaptation. It also requires that love animates all our relationships and professional interchange. In this seminar we […]

Building Parent Partnerships That Last

Have you ever spoken to one of your families and realized they just don’t get it? Ever had five of those conversations in one week? When is the last time you invited a youth pastor to speak at your chapel? Will you ever do it again? Many of our families and churches still do not […]

The Paideia of the Lord

Paul tells fathers in Ephesians to raise there children on “the paideia of the Lord.” But does the Bible have a pedagogy for us to follow? In this workshop, Andrew Kern explores what we can learn about teaching from the first three chapters of Genesis, specifically meditating on the apparent approach that the Lord uses […]

The Enigma Years: Bringing Middle Schoolers along for the Long Haul

We all know that pre and early adolescents are curious little creatures. Grades 5 through 8 are the critical hinge point in students’ academic careers, not to mention the point at which they and their parents will decide how and where to invest their four-year-run-up to college. How do we establish middle years programs that […]

A New Apology for Classical Christian Education

In this seminar I present a defense of Classical Christian Education that features seven reasons why it is the best educational approach for our sons and daughters: 1) It provides a coherent means of understanding God, the world and ourselves 2) It cultivates the human 3) It develops and imparts powers (arts) to students 4) […]