Educating Philosopher Kings

by Matt Bianco November 8, 2018

In Plato’s Republic, Socrates sets forth the curriculum for educating children to be future philosopher kings, the kind of people who can know truth, control their passions and lead others to truth. Join us to walk through the curriculum, consider its strengths and weaknesses, and consider how it might be implemented in our lives and […]

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Plato: Understanding the Foundations of the Classical Education Tradition

by David Diener June 16, 2016

Plato is one of the principal founders of the western intellectual tradition, and his understanding of education has had a profound impact on the development of educational theory and practice around the world for nearly two-and-a-half millennia. The study of his views is thus of great benefit, both as a means of examining fundamental questions […]

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Classical Education Philosophy Plato

The Philosophy of Science and Its Impact on Math and Science Instruction

by Ravi Jain June 15, 2016

What if everything has the property of number? What if everything can be thought of both as continuous and discrete? Ravi Jain presents a brief overview of the philosophy of science and how it can inform instruction in math and science in classical Christian schools.

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Classical Dante: Rome and the Two Kingdoms

by Christian Kopff June 28, 2015

In Paradiso 6 Justinian expounds the Roman Empire’s divine mission and the state’s role as God’s servant. These ideas, found in Comedy and Monarchia, anticipate the Two Kingdoms of Luther and Calvin and the American separation of church and state.

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Is Everything Better With Bacon? Assessing Modern Science

by David Innes June 28, 2015

We will explore the origin and spirit of modern scientism in Francis Bacon’s 17th Century project to establish human mastery over the universe.

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John Milton: Classical Learning and the Progress Virtue

by Grant Horner June 28, 2015

SCL Alcuin Fellow Grant Horner, Professor of Renaissance and Reformation Studies at The Master’s College, will speak on his new book from Classical Academic Press about the great seventeenth century Puritan poet and his inestimable influence on the history of classical learning for Christians.

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Creation, Design, and Evolution

by Deborah Haarsma June 28, 2015

Are students and parents in your school asking about creation and evolution? Students are growing up in a culture full of heated battles between young earth creationism and atheistic evolution. Yet Christians today are discussing many other options, including old earth creationism, intelligent design, and evolutionary creationism. Come for an overview of the key scientific […]

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Lost and Found in the Cosmos: Saving Time with Plato and Walker Percy

by Josh Gibbs June 28, 2015

How classical education lifts a man from the doldrums of wondering “Who am I?” (and an endless series of mediocre answers to this question)

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Redeeming Science Instruction: Some Proposed Principles with Applications in the Middle School Classroom

by Jason Faulkner June 28, 2015

In this seminar, Jason will summarize his takeaways from the 2014 Alcuin Retreat by way of a proposal of principles essential to a classical, Christ-centered approach to science instruction. Jason will discuss what he believes must be rejected as well as what must be embraced if we are to recover the true nature of science […]

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The Centrality of Virtue in the Ancient Understanding of Education

by David Diener June 28, 2015

In the contemporary discourse about education, discussion of virtue as the goal of education is strikingly absent. When “virtue education” is mentioned, it is generally treated as an add-on to the curriculum, not as the overarching goal of everything that is studied. This conception of education, however, stands in stark contrast to the ancient understanding […]

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Narrative Approach to Darwin and his critics: From Darwin to the ENCODE project

by Robbie Andreason June 28, 2015

This seminar will use a narrative approach to understand the complexities of the creation/ evolution debate in a way that reduces the pressure and heat often generated by the topic. The goal of the seminar is argue against the materialism and naturalism of modern science and at the same time avoid simplistic arguments about evolution […]

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Philosophy of Biology: From Dante to Darwin

by Robbie Andreason June 28, 2015

This seminar will survey how change in thought and growth in knowledge from the Middle Ages into the 19th century led to Darwin’s theory of evolution. We will explore the shift from the motivating ideal of love to struggle and competition as well as the shift from sacramental participation to nothing but mechanistic motion. Particular […]

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The Return of the God Hypothesis

by Stephen Meyer June 28, 2015

Has modern science proved that God is a delusion? Is it still rational to believe in God in the 21st century? Join philosopher of science Dr. Stephen Meyer as he discusses a series of revolutionary scientific discoveries that point to the reality of God. Meyer, who is known for his groundbreaking work on the evidence […]

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A Brief History of Moral and Political Thought

by Sean Riley June 28, 2014

But have you ever struggled with how you will teach your science class when students have a range of ideas about creation? Have you wondered how you will teach science accurately while respecting each student’s family values and beliefs? Hear how one teacher encourages lively, respectful discussion and deals with difficult questions from logic-level students. […]

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Philosophy in Christian Schools

by Sean Riley June 10, 2013

We will investigate the benefits of making philosophy a core subject in 21st century Christian schools and discuss curricula and pedagogical approaches that work with high school students.

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