Loving God With Our Minds in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Perhaps there is no work of imaginative literature in all the Western canon more preeminently about loving God with our minds than John Milton’s Paradise Lost. This session will highlight three ways that Milton’s poem invites its reader to consider what it means to love God with our minds. Practically, the poem presents several vivid […]

Falling in Love with Words: Or, How to Read a Poem

To really fall in love with words, a Christian teacher of poetry must first be in love with the Word, that is to say, Jesus Christ – the poet par excellence. Right belief (orthodoxy) about the Word precedes and pervades a right practice (orthopraxy) of studying words. For an exercise in slow reading, we will […]

John Milton: Classical Learning and the Progress Virtue

SCL Alcuin Fellow Grant Horner, Professor of Renaissance and Reformation Studies at The Master’s College, will speak on his new book from Classical Academic Press about the great seventeenth century Puritan poet and his inestimable influence on the history of classical learning for Christians.

The Music of the Spheres: Dante’s Pre- Copernican Universe

Dante’s Divine Comedy presupposes a universe and a perspective on that universe that is radically different than our own. Aside from positing the earth as the center, Dante and his contemporaries conceived of a perfectly ordered, innately poetic cosmos of exquisite beauty, balance, and harmony. Even more vitally, they beheld in the starry heavens a […]

Rhetorical Reading of Paradise Lost

By giving a central place to the treatment of justice in an epic narrative, Paradise Lost arguably intervenes in the “ancient quarrel” between poetry and philosophy. The juxtaposition of mode and topic is striking because the text most famously associated with the indictment of poetry, and Homer specifically, was also one of the most influential […]

Making the Most of Poetry Out Loud

Reap the many benefits of participation in the national Poetry Out Loud contest with events and practices at your school that not only prepare your students to compete effectively, but to help your students to begin a lifetime of loving and understanding poetry. With real-life demonstrations and anecdotes, our team of presenters will introduce you […]

American Classics: T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot represents high modernism and scares many of us with the difficulty of his work and the gigantic intellect that he applied to poetry, drama, and to literary criticism. Come to this seminar to spend a little time on the doorstep of the cathedral of thought and imagination he created, dwelling together. We will […]

Poetry Liturgy

This session employs poetry, music, and visual art to enter into the reality of a liturgical event. Covenant Christian Academy has used it throughout the school year to gather as an upper school to enter into the reality of Epiphany, Good Friday, and other events in the life of the historic church. It isn’t simply […]

Hamlet and Why He Still Matters To You

We swim in modern and post-modern waters and they effect our thoughts and our tastes. Shakespeare’s Hamlet sat on the cusp of the modern world and seemed to anticipate with shocking insight what was coming. What do we need him to teach us? In this workshop, Kern explores the power of Hamlet to awaken us […]

American Classics: Emily Dickinson

This is a seminar-long introduction to Emily Dickinson, grandparent of American poetry and one of the most distinctive voices in poetics. We will look at her work, her biography, her identifying characteristics, and consider some assignments by practicing poetry together- a disciplined marveling. Dickinson compels us to follow her into the dark after her. This […]