Triangulating Community Outreach, Parent Education, and Professional Development: The Great Conversations Series at Covenant Classical School (Ft.Worth, Texas) as a Case Study-Part II

After a summary of last year’s seminar on the Great Conversation Series at Covenant Classical School (Ft.Worth, Texas), this seminar will further develop the GCS Seminars (for parents and teachers) as a tool for organically fostering cross disciplinary integration, cross grade level collaboration, and cross parent pollination with curriculum and pedagogy. The practical side of […]

The Winsome Instructor Teaching Well

After 23 years in the classroom, I’ve come to the realization that the key to successfully educating any student and encouraging them to embrace the classical, Christian model begins and ends with being a winsome instructor, which involves building and maintaining healthy relationships and structuring lessons in such a way that is captivating and leaves […]

Eloquence and the Progymnasmata

How do you make students eloquent? It is one thing to theorize about eloquence; it is another thing altogether for students to attain it. This practical workshop will demonstrate basic exercises that date back to the days of Cicero, and will offer suggestions about how to adapt these exercises to today’s classrooms. These ancient exercises […]