Principled Leadership: Making a Vision Actually Work

The ideal vision of a classical Christian education is very attractive. It can be easy to, in the name of that ideal, try to do things as a school that actually don’t work. But you know that they should! Come learn how to start with principles and apply them so that you can turn your […]

Teaching Writing in Humanities Courses

Join veteran teacher Rick Trumbo of Veritas School in a conversation about practical ideas for instructing students in writing in the context of an interdisciplinary humanities course. Rick will suggest general principles of writing instruction and specific assignments and methods of assessment which he has employed, as well as soliciting discussion from workshop participants in […]

Eight Essential Pedogical Principles of Classical Education

In this seminar I will highlight eight important pedaogical principles that come down to us from the classical tradition, with a goal of showing how a deep understanding of principles will naturally lead to effective practices. The eight principles highlighted will be: festinal lente (make haste slowly), multum non multa (much not many), repetitio mater […]