Reading “the Right Books”: C.S. Lewis on Reading Good Literature

Eustace Clarence Scrubb, says Lewis, repeatedly had not read “the right books.” So what books should Eustace have read to equip him for his adventures in Narnia? Lewis has lots to say about what books to read, how to read them, and even how to teach them and how not to teach them. This workshop […]

Get Your Students Reading

This seminar will offer ways for teachers to encourage students to increase their recreational reading in grades 3-6. These students have learned the skills needed to read. But now need the opportunity to experience the wide world of literature. Ideas for encouraging students reading will be shared such as unique book reports, class book sharing, […]

Punkinz & Panicakes: A Case for the Liberally Educated Reading Teacher

Early reading instruction must be explicit and systematic. But does it have to be so scripted? Scripted instruction encouraged educators to be reading technicians, rather than reading teachers. This session will explore the linguistic knowledge that educators need to be liberally-educated reading teachers.