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What Does the Kingdom of God Look Like? An Apology for Diversity in Classical Christian Schools

by Peter Vande Brake November 9, 2018

We all have “blindspots” in our lives, or things that we just can’t see. This isn’t because those things aren’t right in front of us, but because we don’t have eyes to see them. Having students from diverse backgrounds – racially, ethnically and socio-economically – helps us to eliminate the blindspots from our lives. Having […]

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Time to Mind: A Story of “Much, Not Many” and Logic School Flourishing

by Brett Tohlen November 9, 2018

Because learning is “slow, effortful, and uncertain,” the Classical principle of “much, not many” shapes a program at all levels – classroom culture, pedagogical structure, curriculum and scheduling – to provide time for students to know and love.

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Fostering Cultural Harmony Among the Student Body

by Brandon Shuman November 9, 2018

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus told his disciples, “You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant” (Mark 10:42-43). In […]

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Cultivating a Culture of Affirmation in the Classical Classroom

by Martha Reed November 9, 2018

Teachers often view their role in the classroom as one of instruction, correction and encouragement. But this perspective overlooks a key element of any successful classroom culture: affirmation. How can teachers correct and affirm students without buying into the worldly philosophy of promoting self-esteem? By promoting God-esteem. This workshop explores practical ways to promote God-esteem […]

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When Classical Meets Contemporary: What Do We Keep, What Do We Kick Out and Why?

by Christopher Perrin November 9, 2018

We regard the Classical tradition of education as tried and true, the well-worn path of wisdom that we are wise to follow. We also know that just because something is old doesn’t make it best; nor is something that is contemporary necessarily bad. The reverse is also true: Just because something is old doesn’t make […]

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Churches: For or Against Us?

by Davies Owens November 9, 2018

Success for Classical Christian schools is highly dependent on the engagement and health of the local Church. But despite many school’s efforts to require church attendance from families, all too often the students who show up on Monday morning lack basic biblical and theological knowledge and are often struggling to find the practical role of […]

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Healthy Student Culture: It Starts with the Faculty

by Jonathan Horner November 9, 2018

Perhaps the best way to have students who love to learn, love each other, and love God is to do those things ourselves. A faculty committed to the historic disciplines of the Christian faith may be the best way to cultivate these types of students.

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Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in the Classical and Christian Classroom

by Leslie Collins November 8, 2018

Classical Christian education is the best possible way to nurture the soul. It involves the best methods, materials and message to build the Kingdom of God that is intended for the “least of these.” What are we doing to make this blessing available for students with disabilities? Schools are often unsure of how to make […]

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The Challenge of Cultural Correctness

by Bob Benne November 8, 2018

More threatening to Christian Classical schools than “political correctness” is “cultural correctness,” the widely disseminated moral and religious assumptions that are often embedded in Christian parents and students, even those who are likely to come to Christian Classical schools. What is “cultural correctness,” and how does it operate to undermine Christian institutions? How should we […]

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Intellectual Character 2/2 – Now what? How can I nurture virtuous intellectual character in my students and my school?

by Phillip Dow June 6, 2016

Let’s say that we have a clear understanding of what intellectual character is, and agree that it matters. Now what? In this interactive session, using examples from Rosslyn Academy, Phil will facilitate a dialog surrounding some simple and practical ways in which teaching for intellectual character can become a part of your classroom and school […]

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Building a Culture of Learning

by Lori Jill Keeler June 26, 2014

This seminar is for lead teachers, principals, and other instructional leaders who want to build a better learning culture with common language for best instructional practices, develop shared mission and vision, and create more opportunities for collegiality and fellowship on your teaching teams.

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Building School Culture – Core Principles and Practices

by Keith Nix June 26, 2014

Culture trumps strategy every time! Your school’s health, and future, will be determined by your culture more than any other single factor. Is your culture healthy? How do you know? What are you doing to ensure that you are creating the right environment to accomplish your mission?

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Building a Healthy School Community

by Rod Gilbert June 10, 2013

A vibrant classical school must also be a vibrant community of teachers, parents, students, administrators and school supporters. Weaving and building a meaningful community of all these people is an art that requires ongoing effort, planning, assessment and adaptation. It also requires that love animates all our relationships and professional interchange. In this seminar we […]

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The Role of Pleasure in Classical School Culture and Community

by Christopher Perrin June 9, 2013

A silver thread that Lewis explores through his work (alongside the Argument by desire) is the tutor of desire–pleasure. He speaks and embodies frequently the benefit of small human pleasures in the salvation of our souls. In Screwtape the patient famously is rescued from the clutches of the demon by taking a walk and reading […]

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