Intellectual Character 2/2 – Now what? How can I nurture virtuous intellectual character in my students and my school?

by Phillip Dow June 6, 2016

Let’s say that we have a clear understanding of what intellectual character is, and agree that it matters. Now what? In this interactive session, using examples from Rosslyn Academy, Phil will facilitate a dialog surrounding some simple and practical ways in which teaching for intellectual character can become a part of your classroom and school […]

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Building a Culture of Learning

by Lori Jill Keeler June 26, 2014

This seminar is for lead teachers, principals, and other instructional leaders who want to build a better learning culture with common language for best instructional practices, develop shared mission and vision, and create more opportunities for collegiality and fellowship on your teaching teams.

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Building School Culture – Core Principles and Practices

by Keith Nix June 26, 2014

Culture trumps strategy every time! Your school’s health, and future, will be determined by your culture more than any other single factor. Is your culture healthy? How do you know? What are you doing to ensure that you are creating the right environment to accomplish your mission?

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Building a Healthy School Community

by Rod Gilbert June 10, 2013

A vibrant classical school must also be a vibrant community of teachers, parents, students, administrators and school supporters. Weaving and building a meaningful community of all these people is an art that requires ongoing effort, planning, assessment and adaptation. It also requires that love animates all our relationships and professional interchange. In this seminar we […]

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The Role of Pleasure in Classical School Culture and Community

by Christopher Perrin June 9, 2013

A silver thread that Lewis explores through his work (alongside the Argument by desire) is the tutor of desire–pleasure. He speaks and embodies frequently the benefit of small human pleasures in the salvation of our souls. In Screwtape the patient famously is rescued from the clutches of the demon by taking a walk and reading […]

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It’s the Culture Stupid

by Ken Myers June 11, 2011

Restructuring classroom practices and curricular contents is easy compared to the challenge of reordering the ethos of a school and of the lives of its members. But if education is the reorientation of the affections, then the texture of everyday life (in school and out) may be more definitive than the content in books, lectures, […]

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School Culture as a Blessing

by Byrle Kynerd May 28, 2011

This session will focus on the VALUE or providing wise stewardship of School Culture and offer suggestions for enhancing a Christ honoring school culture. Participants should leave with several proven methods for success.

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Classical Education School Culture

School Culture is Revealing

by Byrle Kynerd May 28, 2011

This session will focus on what School Culture is, what it reveals, where it comes from, and several of the ways it impacts a school. We will prepare the participants for ways to develop or revitalize their School Culture so it is Christ honoring and encourages sustainability for the School.

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The Invisible Dynamic That Makes All the Difference

by John Seel May 28, 2011

School culture is like the air we breathe; it is all around us and rarely apparent. But the culture of the school will determine whether students look forward to going to school each morning. This workshop will examine corrosive school cultures and steps that can be taken to improve school culture.

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Real Life Stories: Creating Rhetoric School Culture – House System and Honor Code

by Rob Shelton May 28, 2011

There are many factors which contribute to an upper school culture, most of which are out of our control. However, these two programs, if done well, can enhance the culture and put the impetus in the students’ hands. This seminar is for those who might be interested in starting these programs or for those who […]

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