How to Build a Healthy, Thriving Middle School Pt. 2

This seminar is a continuation of the first seminar How to Grow a Healthy Thriving Middle School. This seminar is designed to help schools find the qualities a teacher needs to possess in order to teach and mentor young teenagers.

How to Build a Healthy, Thriving Middle School Pt. 1

Middle school is often the last area of a school to be given the attention needed. Middle school students are often treated like big grammar students confined by the very atmosphere that flourishes the younger student. This seminar is designed to give schools the tools needed to help grow the student body while maintaining discipline, […]

Qualities of Exemplary Schools

As schools consider their impact upon student learning, understanding the nuances of effective schooling is imperative. The implementation of research-based best practices, both institutionally and academically, enables schools to prioritize that which is truly important and develop short and long-term plans that will serve to ensure appropriate school growth and sustainability.

Standards and Accountability for Christian Schools

This session will continue upon the theme established in Dr. Wiens’ first seminar, Qualities of Exemplary Schools. During this session, the CESA Standards of Accountability will be outlined and explained. These standards are research-based and are meant to inform and enable schools to maximize their potential and provide tools for ongoing growth and sustainability.