What Every Head of School Needs to Know to Succeed at Fundraising

by Ame Eldredge June 16, 2016

What are the critical fundraising activities that a head of school must perform? What should be delegated to other staff and volunteers? This seminar will provide an overview of an end-to-end framework for relational fundraising, and then explore the unique and key role that a head of school plays in the fundraising effort.

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The Frustrations of Working with the School Board

by Kris Bjorgen May 28, 2011

The seminar host often asks administrators this question: “Of all the facets of your ministry, what do you find the most challenging.” Without exception, the number one response is, “The school board!” When asked for clarification, the most common responses are: “They create policies that discourage growth.” “They do not support my leadership at the […]

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Top 3 Things the Board Can do to Strengthen or Weaken the Board-Head Relationship

by Robert Littlejohn May 28, 2011

“The average tenure of school heads is about 5.5 years and the average length of trustee service is 3.5 years. Due to these patterns, there need to be more ‘touchstones’ of approved and understood tools to retain mission integrity and protect the school from a crisis. The strategic plan helps to ensure this. Simultaneously, we […]

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Head of School Leadership

by Walter Buckalew May 28, 2009

This session will be an overview of the 16-item findings of the 2006 ISM nationwide study of Head of School Leadership. The ┬ápresentation will include distribution and discussion of the closely related instrument, ISM’s Administrative Culture Profile.

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