The Art of Debate: Developing Students Who Cling to Truth

by Tim Goodwin July 17, 2017

The Word of God is clear that Christians are to hold ethics in a place of utmost importance. The purpose of debate is to show students that they are called to think eternally, following an avenue that impacts the way they live in 21st century America. Therefore, the focus is to build the students’ Biblical […]

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biblical Debate Senior Thesis Student

Style and Substance: Preparing Seniors for Their Thesis Defnese

by Jason Merritt July 17, 2017

Many classical Christian schools rightly expect their seniors to prepare, present, and defend thoughtful, clearly written, and well-argued senior thesis. We do a great deal of over the course of their education to prepare them intellectually for the written aspect of this task, but what do we do to prepare them for the public presentation […]

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lower school preparation Senior Thesis Upper School

Senior Thesis: Ayn Rand and Objectivism

by Collin Fredricks June 16, 2016

Collin Fredricks, senior at Covenant Classical, Fort Worth, presents his thesis on Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy.

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Ayn Rand Objectivism Senior Thesis

SCL Journal Winter 2016—Speaking Well: The Centrality of Language in Classical Christian Education

by SCL Journal March 29, 2016

The senior thesis project, prevalent in most classical Christian schools, is built upon a deep and rich foundation that makes eloquent expression possible. Rhabanus Maurus, a monk and student of Alcuin, in his “Education of the Clergy,” said, “Grammar is the source and foundation of all the liberal arts. It should be taught in every […]

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Grammar Language Rhetoric Senior Thesis