The Integrated Imagination

by Andrew Peterson June 28, 2015

The creative act, as suggested by J. R. R. Tolkien, is one of the purest expressions of the image of God in us. Andrew Peterson discusses the redeemed imagination and the way stories, music and art can be signposts to the Kingdom.

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Why Read Stories? Connecting the Great Books and the Good Life

by Cherie Harder June 28, 2015

In many ways, hosting reading and discussion groups is a highly counter-cultural exercise: In our distracted, virtual, and isolated world, it is a hospitable invitation to paying rigorous attention to a challenging text within a community. This seminar will provide practical how-tos for creating, launching, and maintaining a compelling reading group.

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Cultivating the Moral Imagination in Daily Lessons

by Trish Detrick June 4, 2011

Story telling is not just for preschoolers. Vivid story telling should be utilized across all subjects and all grades. Jesus was a stellar story teller. captivating thousands as he taught about the kingdom of God. He utilized stories to etch images into the hearts of his audience, giving his lessons great depth and longevity. This […]

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The Classical Way to Teach Narrative Composition (Story Telling)

by Andrew Kern April 23, 2011

Writing has a soul and the classical tradition was nourished by and nourished that soul. The 20th century saw a decline in writing because it lost its classical soul. This practical workshop shows how to teach story telling classically and shows why it works so much better than the gimmick based approaches of many modern […]

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