The Feasibility Study: It’s About More than Just the Money

by Jason Lewis June 16, 2016

The purpose of a campaign feasibility study is generally intended to provide an answer to the questions of whether or not an organization is ready to proceed with a capital campaign and the extent to which a campaign can be successful. More often than not, the organization’s leaders expect an affirmative response and a specific […]

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Capital Campaign Fundraising Strategic Planning

Crafting Purpose and Outcome Statements

by Walter Buckalew June 3, 2009

ISM’s approach to strategic planning: Viability-focused planning that is simultaneously conceptual and financial: This is an overview of both process and product.

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Classical Education Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

by Walter Buckalew May 28, 2009

ISM’s approach to evaluation of faculty: Derived from ISM’s six-year research project into student performance, satisfaction and enthusiasm.

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Classical Education Faculty Strategic Planning