Habits of Mind and Singapore Math

Whether you are implementing Singapore Math or are simply looking to improve the math culture in your school, this session is for you. Changing the way math is taught requires more than just a change of textbooks. A successful transition requires the development of habits of mind in our teachers and students. This session will […]

The Art of Debate: Developing Students Who Cling to Truth

The Word of God is clear that Christians are to hold ethics in a place of utmost importance. The purpose of debate is to show students that they are called to think eternally, following an avenue that impacts the way they live in 21st century America. Therefore, the focus is to build the students’ Biblical […]

Faculty Culture: the Key to Student Culture

We will detail why your student culture and satisfaction starts with a healthy faculty culture. We will also explore the key elements of healthy and unhealthy faculty cultures and the steps that you, as Head, must take to ensure that your school has one.

Lesson Planning for Optimal Student Learning

The most effective teaching and the most meaningful student learning happen when teachers design the right learning targets and use them along with their students to aim for and assess understanding. This practical seminar will be helpful for elementary and secondary teachers as they strive to be more intentional in their instruction and assessment, with […]