Teaching with Excellence

by Lori Jill Keeler February 15, 2017

Teaching with Excellence is a seminar for you if you want to be more confident in your role as a classroom teacher. You will be equipped with practical techniques and teaching frameworks that you can implement in your classroom on Monday.

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Classroom Practical Techniques Teacher Teaching

Would Jesus use a Harkness Table?

by John Scholl June 6, 2016

The study of classical Christian pedagogy should begin with the Gospels. Jesus is a Master Teacher, whose disciples adopted his teachings and faithfully transmitted them to an ever increasing group of students. As a result, Jesus presents a great model for us as teachers. In this workshop, we will examine Jesus’ teaching methods, in particular […]

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Jesus Methods Pedagogy Teaching

Teaching Sentence Diagramming as Story Telling

by Catherine McChristian June 6, 2016

In his book Teaching as Story Telling, Kieran Egan encourages teachers to incorporate imaginative story-telling techniques into our lessons. But how can we teach grammar as a story? How can diagramming sentences spark the imagination? The aim of this workshop is to explore how to set up the task of diagramming sentences as a mystery […]

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Grammar Imagination Language Teaching

Why Rhetoric is Not a Subject, Why Every Subject Needs Rhetoric, and How to Teach It

by Andrew Kern June 6, 2016

Our fragmented age tends to think of everything we do in school as a subject, no more or less important than any other subject. Kern contends that Rhetoric is so important that it should not even be considered a subject. Indeed, teaching Rhetoric properly may well be the most important thing you teach in your […]

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Rhetoric subject Teaching

Teaching Information Literacy

by Francine Rader June 6, 2016

Our students have access to an overwhelming amount of information, and whether it is communicated in cuneiform or hypertext, the skills required to understand and apply the information remain the same. We must teach our students to locate, evaluate, and effectively use this information in an ethical manner with wisdom, discernment, and savvy. Librarians play […]

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information librarians literacy Teaching Wisdom

Teaching Is…. an Art

by Christopher Perrin June 6, 2016

In 1950 Gilbert Highet wrote a book called The Art of Teaching. Highet was a well-regarded teacher of classics at Columbia University (a colleague with Jacques Barzun) and he knew very well that the teaching profession was rapidly be transformed into a science by his fellows at the nearby Columbia Teacher’s College. Highet was not […]

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Methods Modern Education systematic Teaching

Paideia in the Flesh: the Pedagogical Necessity of Incarnational Teaching

by Brent Stevens June 28, 2015

What makes an excellent teacher? We’ve all had teachers who had a profound and lifelong impact on us – perhaps we are teaching precisely because of their influence! This seminar will take time to examine the theological and philosophical foundation that undergirds all great teachers. Beginning with a consideration of Matthew 10:24 and Luke 6:40, […]

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Excellence Paideia Pedagogy Teachers Teaching

Total Participation Techniques — Making Every Student An Active Learner

by Lori Jill Keeler June 28, 2015

Helping students increase their level of engagement and depth of thinking is one of the quickest, simplest, and most effective means of improving teaching and learning. Using these strategies can help you focus on what, and to what extent, your students are learning what you are teaching.

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Classical Education Classroom Learning Strategies Teaching Understanding

A Brief History of Moral and Political Thought

by Sean Riley June 28, 2014

But have you ever struggled with how you will teach your science class when students have a range of ideas about creation? Have you wondered how you will teach science accurately while respecting each student’s family values and beliefs? Hear how one teacher encourages lively, respectful discussion and deals with difficult questions from logic-level students. […]

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Creation Philosophy Science Teaching Worldview

Grammar: Paradoxes, Divisions, Methods

by Andrew Pudewa June 28, 2014

A contemplation of the first of the Liberal Arts: Some oddities about teaching it and some thoughts about learning it

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Grammar Learning Teaching

Proof Writing Across the Curriculum

by Andrew Elizalde June 26, 2014

The practice of proof writing is too often restricted to rigid two-column format and limited to the one-year experience know as upper school geometry. In this session I will make a case for teaching proof writing, the composing and presenting of convincing mathematical arguments, in a variety of formats across the mathematics curriculum. Then I […]

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Mathematics Teaching Upper School

Teaching from A Place of Rest -Christ-Centered Teaching

by Andrew Kern June 26, 2014

We are counseled to, “Be diligent to enter his rest,” but what does it mean to enter His rest and how can we do so in our schools and classrooms? The answers are surprisingly practical, and unsurprisingly important. Come and reflect on how diligence and rest belong together in Christ.

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Classroom Faith Teachers Teaching

Assessment that blesses

by Andrew Kern June 26, 2014

When we assess, we can guide or confuse our students, sustain or undercut their work, and bless or curse them. Come and explore how to bless, edify, and ennoble your students while removing and overcoming common obstacles to the blessing we seek.

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Classroom Learning Teachers Teaching

The Art of Memory: How To Teach Memory Beyond Chants and Jingles

by Jenny Rallens June 26, 2014

In classical education today, memory has been limited to playing a very narrow and specific role. When we think of memory, we think of the grammar or “poll parrot” stage of the Trivium. We think of the rote memory of Shurley grammar jingles, Latin chants , multiplication tables, Bible memory passages, cheesy history songs, and […]

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Classical Education Memory Methods Teachers Teaching

Reaching for Rhetoric in Foreign Languages

by Lisa Snyder June 26, 2014

Language possesses the potentional to be both tool for communication and art form. Discover how to lead your students from learning vocabulary and verb charts to articulating their likes, recounting a tale, decoding poetry, or simply conversing eloquently. Explore the possiblities for incorporating literature and historical figures in weaving a story and inviting your students […]

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Language Literature Rhetoric Teaching