Cultivating Spirituality and the Challenge of Technology

by David Diener June 16, 2016

Digital screen technologies are playing an ever-increasingly present role in our lives and the lives of our students. While such technologies have many benefits, they also pose a number of significant challenges to the cultivation of spirituality. In this seminar we will begin by briefly looking at some statistics about how today‚Äôs youth use digital […]

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Technology in the Classical School Classroom

by John Heaton June 6, 2016

Technology tends to promote access to information for larger and larger groups of people, and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals and communities. Thus, technology is a sociological force with results that can be demonstrated, if not accurately measured. In the last 75 years, technology has been viewed by educators with narrower, but higher […]

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Web Tools for Schools

by Mark Palmer June 28, 2014

Learn how to increase back-office efficiency and reduce costs by using low-cost, cloud-based solutions. Gain practical ideas for saving staff time, eliminating process steps, and reducing the number of paper documents that you process and store. Topics covered include marketing, admissions, staffing, finance, electronic payments, academics and governance.

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Cultivating Aural Hygiene

by Ken Myers June 26, 2014

In recent years, a lot of attention has been given to the ways in which communications technologies have nurtured a spirit of distraction that affects reading and reasoning habits. Ken Myers will examine how technologies similarly disable our ability to listen well, and how we can fight back, individually and corporately.

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Enabling new IT capabilities without breaking the bank.

by Kevin Gerber June 26, 2014

Learn about how other classical schools are addressing new trends including personal devices, student access, technology in the classroom and the cloud services.

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Living Virtuously in a Virtuous World

by Aaron Gentry June 10, 2013

Information technology can be a great tool for education, but as Christian educators we must think critically about the technology that we adopt into our lives. This seminar will look at the ethical dilemmas posed by some of the most popular aspects of modern information technology and examine the response that we should have as […]

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by Jim Van Erden June 9, 2013

In an age too full of video gaming and PC sound bites, intentional and thoughtful explorations of the Big Questions with the students in our lives is essential. New resources are generating encouraging results that can help transform family conversations.

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Out of the Box and Into the Material

by Denise Myers June 3, 2012

Denise brings a fresh approach to teaching by using a unique style that utilizes 21st century technology, engages different learning styles, and incorporates Scripture into her lessons. This seminar gives an overview of a “see it, hear it and do it with technology” approach to learning that can be applied to many different subject areas. […]

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