Whence Rhetoric for The Good Life?

by Joshua Butcher July 19, 2017

Most, if not all, classical educators acknowledge the importance of rhetoric in the curriculum of the liberal arts. Many also recognize that the skills of rhetoric are not limited to one or two classes taken on the subject and persuasive writing or public speaking, but are inculcated throughout the education of a child; from getting […]

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How a Catechism Can Transform Your Classroom || The Good Life in Confessional: Nominalism vs. Wonder

by Josh Gibbs July 13, 2017

Aside from secularism, nominalism is the villain most commonly blamed by Christians for all that is wrong with the world. What is nominalism? The lukewarm Christian is nominal. The mediocre Christian is nominal. The nominal Christian is the Christian who doesn’t really get it. The Christian who is in it only for show. But how […]

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