Creation, Design, and Evolution

Are students and parents in your school asking about creation and evolution? Students are growing up in a culture full of heated battles between young earth creationism and atheistic evolution. Yet Christians today are discussing many other options, including old earth creationism, intelligent design, and evolutionary creationism. Come for an overview of the key scientific […]

Regent’s Thesis Presentation | Brandon Dickey Presents and Defends

During this plenary session, a Regents School of Austin senior presents a 20-minute speech. Subsequently, the student defends his/her ideas before a panel of four expert judges, during a 20-min Q&A exhibition. (After this plenary session, join Alvarez and a panel of 12th-grade students for a breakout discussion on helping students to research, write and […]

Discussion of The Rhetoric Program at Regents School of Austin

Breakout Session: During the first part of this session, Alvarez discusses the conceptual frameworks used to help students research, write, and publicly defend meaningful senior thesis speeches. During the second part of the session, Alvarez and a panel of 12th-grade students answer questions about the goals, outcomes, and practices of vibrant thesis programs.