Teaching Grammar School Literature with a Rhetorical Lens

by Colleen Dong June 6, 2016

This session desires to look critically at the unity of the Trivium. Rhetoric in the Grammar Stage does not only mean oral presentations. It will challenge this notion and ask the question, how can we give rhetoric a proper seat in each classroom? This session focuses on the Rhetoric of Fiction, laid out by Wayne […]

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Fiction Reading Rhetoric Trivium

Recent Arguments for the Trivium in non-Classical Schools

by Christian Kopff May 28, 2010

Recent books by social scientist Charles Murray (Real Education, Human Achievement) and English professor E D Hirsch show that the greatest weakness of contemporary educations is not gaps in math and science, but the implosion of the arts of language. The classical trivium is the answer. Content area of general interest.

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Classical Education Trivium