Puzzle, Proof, and Play: A Pedagogy of Wonder for Mathematics

by Ravi Jain June 6, 2016

Most math teachers love mathematics and one of their greatest desires is to nurture a similar love in their students. But more often than they might like the structure of the mathematics curriculum seems opposed to the cultivation of this wonder in mathematics. This workshop will explore how teaching math through a pedagogy of puzzle, […]

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Finding Wonder, Work, Wisdom, and Worship in Natural Science

by Ravi Jain June 6, 2016

Natural science teachers love to delight their students with natural wonders and see jaws drop. But as students get older teachers feel pressure to increase rigor which can squeeze out room for wonder. But Einstein says that the state of mind which enables a man to do serious scientific work is akin to that of […]

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Teaching Information Literacy

by Francine Rader June 6, 2016

Our students have access to an overwhelming amount of information, and whether it is communicated in cuneiform or hypertext, the skills required to understand and apply the information remain the same. We must teach our students to locate, evaluate, and effectively use this information in an ethical manner with wisdom, discernment, and savvy. Librarians play […]

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How a Theology of Wisdom Undergirds Classical Education: The Figure of Speaking Wisdom in Proverbs and Beyond

by Jason Barney June 28, 2015

“Wisdom cries aloud in the street; in the squares she thunders!” (Prov 1:20). The figure of speaking Wisdom is more than just an interesting literary device. Jewish and Christian tradition saw in a theology of Wisdom a foundation for what we would call classical education. In this presentation I propose to show how the theology […]

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