The Nature and Vision of Classical Christian Education

by David Diener November 2018

What is Classical Christian education? How is it different from other approaches to education? How can we clearly and succinctly explain the nature and vision of Classical Christian education despite its long and complicated history? This seminar addresses these questions by examining some of the essential defining characteristics of Classical Christian education, such as its […]

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Classical Education Curriculum Education Pedagogy Teaching

Heroes and Villains: Civic Virtue Through Inquiry and Primary Sources

by Rachel Davison Humphries November 2018

Participants will work through three Bill of Rights Institute lessons to develop skills for providing students with primary sources, content-rich narratives and critical thinking as part of integrated civic learning and character development.

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Character Development Civic Learning Critical Thinking Education Learning Teaching

Why is Discipleship Key to What We Are Trying to Accomplish in CCE?

by Howard Davis November 2018

It may seem obvious, but discipleship is key to what we are trying to accomplish through our Classical Christian schools. However, discipleship is increasingly harder to accomplish in our post-everything world, and it often gets lost as background among all the other goals that we are seeking to accomplish. This seminar will look at the […]

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Classical Education Discipleship Theology Worldview

Why Knowledge Matters: How an Over-Emphasis on Skills is Corrupting the Classroom and What Can Be Done About It

by Martin Cothran November 2018

Modern education theory emphasizes skills and downplays content. But is there really such a thing as “reading skills,” “critical thinking skills,” or “problem-solving skills” apart from specific content knowledge? What does research say about whether skills can be learned outside of content domains? Can abstract skills be tested and what do these tests really measure? […]

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Classical Education Content Knowledge Development Education Learning Pedagogy

Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in the Classical and Christian Classroom

by Leslie Collins November 2018

Classical Christian education is the best possible way to nurture the soul. It involves the best methods, materials and message to build the Kingdom of God that is intended for the “least of these.” What are we doing to make this blessing available for students with disabilities? Schools are often unsure of how to make […]

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Classical Education Classical Schools Inclusion School Culture Special Needs Student Support

Navigating Middle Earth: Creating Community in Logic School

by Mary Clifford November 2018

Logic School is often viewed as just a bridge between the Grammar and Rhetoric years, but these years are a time of great change and growth for students. Enriching these years with a true sense of community among the students is essential to a successful Logic School. However, creating a sense of belonging and a […]

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Classical Education Classroom Community Logic School Teaching

He Who Has Eyes to See: Drawing From Life

by Matthew Clark November 2018

People say it all the time: “I can’t even draw stick figures!” Perhaps you’ve said this yourself. Perhaps you’re even an art teacher! Many people are intimidated by the idea of making drawings – the blank page induces fear! Drawing must be approached with confidence because it is the foundation of all the visual arts […]

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Art Classroom Education Teachers Teaching

A Practical Introduction to the Liberal Arts

by Kevin Clark November 2018

As the tools and seeds of learning, the liberal arts of language and math have important implications for teaching and learning in the classical classroom. This session introduces the basic logic of liberal arts teaching through concrete examples.

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Classical Education Classroom Education Learning Liberal Arts

Asking the Right Questions: Categories of Study and Thought for Mathematics

by Jeff Chambless November 2018

All too often, math is taught as a set of irrelevant, isolated algorithms. In this workshop, we will explore how to combat this and learn how to teach math in alignment with Classical thought by asking better questions. We will practice and use specific categories of inquiry about a mathematical concept, such as historical context, […]

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Classical Education Education Mathematics Teaching

Poetic Knowledge: Horse Sense in Our Classrooms

by Robyn Burlew November 2018

How do we prevent our students from simply learning facts about our subjects? We must foster “poetic knowledge,”the pre-rational and experiential knowledge that equips students to connect information and concepts to the world. Poetic knowledge is necessary for full understanding, appreciation and love for a topic. Application will be aimed at Lower and Middle School […]

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Classical Education Development Education Grammar School Teaching

Choosing and Using Books Well

by Allison Buras November 2018

In this workshop, which draws upon the Charlotte Mason method and Aristotle’s “four causes,” we will look at the role that synthetic texts play in shaping an ethical response to content in nonfiction texts.

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Classical Education Curriculum Education Literature Subject Integration Teaching

Educating Philosopher Kings

by Matt Bianco November 2018

In Plato’s Republic, Socrates sets forth the curriculum for educating children to be future philosopher kings, the kind of people who can know truth, control their passions and lead others to truth. Join us to walk through the curriculum, consider its strengths and weaknesses, and consider how it might be implemented in our lives and […]

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Classical Education Classroom Curriculum Education Philosophy Subject Integration Teaching

The Challenge of Cultural Correctness

by Bob Benne November 2018

More threatening to Christian Classical schools than “political correctness” is “cultural correctness,” the widely disseminated moral and religious assumptions that are often embedded in Christian parents and students, even those who are likely to come to Christian Classical schools. What is “cultural correctness,” and how does it operate to undermine Christian institutions? How should we […]

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Classical Education Classical Schools Education Faith School Culture Theology Worldview

God’s Glory in Your Students

by Peter Baur November 2018

What does it mean for our students to be image-bearers? Do our students all bear God’s image in the same way? Can we play a significant role in communicating to our students about God’s unique image borne out in them? Through personal stories and powerful imagery, this session will deepen your understanding of the profound […]

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Classroom Discipleship Educators Faith Students Teachers Theology

Enrollment Data Analysis, Forecasting and Reporting

by Tammy Barron November 2018

Enrollment data is extremely valuable for the achievement of school growth. You can use it to uncover trends and truths about your target market of families, and to more accurately forecast enrollment and tuition. Learn how to collect and use data to produce more useful reports and brand stories that will advance your leadership capacity. […]

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Admission Business Enrollment Growth Leadership Strategies