Staying Mission True (or Preventing Mission Drift)

by Jean Kim July 2017

Facing mission drift is inevitable unless your school intentionally seeks to and works to remain mission true. Starting from the assumption that classical Christian schools have  a fantastic mission to protect, this session will outline common ways that schools can suffer mission drift and provide practical suggestions for remaining mission true, generation after generation.

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classical christian schools Mission mission drift

The Liberal, Common, and Fine Arts

by Ravi Jain July 2017

Over the past three decades, Christian classical schools have championed the recovery of the liberal arts and discovered lost wisdom in the Trivium as the arts of language and the Quadrivium as the arts of mathematics. But while unearthing these treasures, many have also noted C.S. Lewis’ warning in The Abolition of Man. If we […]

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Art classical christian schools commonplace Fine Arts modern science

Get Moving!: Creating a P.E. Program for Your Classical School

by Karise Gililland July 2017

Get your students fit with a program that fits your situation! I’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a Physical Education program for your new, fast-growing, co-ops, or home-school classical school. Together, we’ll explore the evolution of Covenant’s P.E. program, foundational principles, and pivotal philosophy. You’ll leave with resources, games, supply, lists, yearly […]

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classical home-school Physical education program

Tools of Engagement: Drawing Students into the Joyful Pursuit of Music Making

by Tools of Engagement: Drawing Students into the Joyful Pursuit of Music Making July 2017

Today’s music educator must reach the heart of the student while shining a light on the mechanics of making music. In this workshop, teachers will participate in engaging grammar school music lessons that are both challenging and enjoyable, believing all of life is enhanced through an appreciation and understanding of music. Participants will leave with […]

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Classroom engagement Grammar Music

The Role of Faculty in Re-Enrollment

by Elizabeth Perkins July 2017

Are you an admission office of one? Or an admission office of five? What if you could harness the power of your entire faculty and staff? In this session, we will explore the role of faculty in re-enrollment and retention and how you can inspire them to assist you! Session will include a lecture and […]

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Admissions Faculty re-enrollment

A Theology of Knitting? Bonaventure, the Common Arts, and the Human Good

by Phil Donnelly July 2017

One of the most remarkable features of contemporary culture is that many of the “common” (mechanical) arts of tangible making that were once understood to be practical, now seem useless. The practitioners of almost any common art today, whether black-smithing or bread baking, now find that they can no longer earn a living through these […]

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bonaventure common arts human good Theology

Loving Language in the Youngest Years: Harnessing Movement, Music, Image, and Memory for Good

by Marcus Foster July 2017

This seminar will develop the theory, methods, mechanics, and materials for differentiating language instruction to young students (4th and below), emphasizing kinesthetic, auditory (melodic, rhythmic, dynamic), and visual elements (using color, images, graphs, art, motions). While much of the source material will stem from Latin, the content will be applicable to other languages. The seminar […]

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language instruction mechanics Methods visual

Students are People Too

by Matt Bianco July 2017

Assuming students are lazy, disinterested, and rebellious are among the easiest assumptions teachers can make. Where we would excuse our own behavior because of a lack of sleep, food, or other comforts, we do not for our students. If the Good Life is to live up to our fullest human potential, how much of that […]

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Community Imago Dei Students Teachers

Recovering the Humanity of Rhetoric

by Matt Bianco July 2017

Rhetoric is more than just winning arguments or persuading opponents. It is the act of bringing two minds into harmony; it is the act of harmonizing a community. Rhetoric and its canons, Invention, Arrangement, Elocution, Memory, and Delivery, are themselves designed to harmonize. They are, moreover, designed to honor the humanity of our audience, our […]

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An Introduction to Rhetoric: 34 Terms You Should Know

by Alyssan Barnes July 2017

Ever wondered what goes on in the rhetoric classroom? This workshop teachers the essential concepts covered in a rhetoric course – perfect for teachers curious about how this master discipline ties in with their own. We will create a mind map for these 34 terms, a one-page handy visual of the essential concepts of the […]

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concepts introduction Rhetoric

Natural History and the Pursuit of Love of Place

by Matthew Clark July 2017

As an artist by profession and a naturalist by inclination, I have created a science class that seeks to understand art as a natural human phenomenon that is accessible to everyone. I then take art – this basic human activity – and use it as a lens to see and examine the wildlife of my […]

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