A Brief History of Civic Virtue

Rick Trumbo June 7, 2013

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2013


One of the elements of classical and Christian thought which is rather in need of restoration today is the concept of civic virtue. In “A Brief History of Civic Virtue,” Veritas humanities and classics teacher Rick Trumbo traces the idea of civic virtue from its origins in Greco- Roman republicanism through its Medieval and Renaissance development into what Alexis de Tocqueville called the American notion of “enlightened self-interest.” The workshop will provide documents and discussion topics for teachers of ancient, Medieval, and early American history and teachers of government as an aid to helping Classical Christian schools recover this often-neglected element of moral philosophy.


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Rick Trumbo
Rick Trumbo has finished his 40th year as a teacher of humanities and classics. He is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College (B. A., Humanities) and the University of Richmond (M.Hum., concentration in classics). He is the father of five children and grandfather of ten. He is a ruling elder in the PCA, and has served on the Candidates and Credentials committee of James River Presbytery. He has taught Humanities, Latin, Bible, and Logic at Veritas School for the past nine years. Rick has previously offered workshops at SCL on interdisciplinary courses and on classical virtue in political thought.

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