A Crash Course in Latin

Paul Schaeffer November 9, 2018

Presented at:
2018 SCL Annual Conference


Latin is an intimidating subject to teach! Pronunciation, declensions, conjugations – it is enough to make your brain hurt. In this presentation, attendees will learn the basics of Latin so they can feel confident to teach their students introductory Latin in the upcoming year.


Classical Education Classroom Latin Teaching


Paul Schaeffer
Paul Schaeffer is the Director of the School Division of Memoria Press. In that position, he has helped in numerous start-up schools. He is one of the few professionals working in Classical education who received such an education himself. He has taught middle school, high school and college-level Latin internationally. In Louisville, Kentucky, he led students through Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, as well as many other great works at Highlands Latin School. He is a regular contributor to The Classical Teacher magazine.

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