American Civil (Ir) Religion and Christian Peoplehood: Education and the Intuition of Membership

Ken Myers July 20, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


In recent years, there has been a widespread recovery of an awareness that education (like discipleship) is a process of formation that addresses the imagination and the affections. This process involves embodied practices ("liturgies") within communities that have specific moral and theological horizons. Because children are likely to be malformed by many conventional practices in contemporary nihilistic society, their guardians (i.e., parents, teachers, and clergy) need to be more diligent and deliberate in en-culturing them: conveying to them a way of life fitting for who they are. Leaders in Christian schools often sense that they are more attentive to the challenges of formation than are many parents and clergy. In this workshop, Ken Myers will argue that one reason that families, schools, and churches seem to be working at cross-purposes is because of a low view of the Church, her role in the project of redemption, and her identity in the world. He will suggest ways in which non-denominational schools can keep the "Church" in "parachurch," encouraging a more emphatic recognition of participation in the culture of the people of God.


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Ken Myers
As host of the Mars Hill Audio Journal since 1992, Ken Myers has interviewed hundreds of authors of books that contribute to understanding the challenges faced by Christians in modernity. A frequent speaker at classical Christian schools (and at SCL conferences), Myers has applied the wisdom from those interviews to the challenge of enculturating the next generation of believers. A graduate of the University of Maryland (B.A. in Communications) and Westminster Theological Seminary (M.A.R. in theological studies), Myers's early career as an arts and humanities editor at National Public Radio stimulated his life-long interest in discovering how contemporary culture took the form it now has, and how the consequences of the Gospel require Christians to embody counter-cultural alternatives.

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