Anti-Political Politics & The Benedict Option – Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher July 12, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


The role of Christian in politics is changing as the light of faith grows dim in the West. Christians will continue to lose power and influence in the public square, but cannot let themselves be pushed out of it. There is a different kind of political engagement they must pioneer, one that draws lessons from the experience of dissidents from Eastern European communist countries. Czech resistance leader Vaclav Havel called it "anti-political politics": the politics of everyday people and how they order their lives in the community. It includes how we work together to learn what the Good Life is and act to preserve those institutions, practices, and habits that make it possible. The techniques of anti-political politics can teach Christians how to stay engaged with the world while still living in truth.


anti-politics politics Rod Dreher The Benedict Option


Rod Dreher

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