Beyond Academics, the Transforming Power of Seeing God’s Glory in Your Students

Peter Baur June 28, 2015

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2015


What does it mean to see our students as fellow image bearers... to see in them, and call out of them, God’s glory? As teachers we have a responsiblity to teach, but we also have an incredible privilege to speak into the hearts, minds and souls of each student the distinct, God given qualities that make him or her unique image bearers. Does it strike you that a nearly universal experience is people mentioning a particular teacher or coach as having had a transformational role in their lives? After hearing this workshop, a veteran teacher of forty years commented, “I have never been more encouraged about my role as a teacher than I am now.”


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Peter Baur
Peter Baur has been professionally involved in the field of independent school education for nearly forty years. His tenure has been marked by firsthand experience in nearly every aspect of K-12 private schools: Headmaster, admission, college guidance, development, community service, capital campaigns, conferences, strategic planning, events, marketing, camp director, teaching, and coaching. Stints include “elite” 150 + year old private schools in Philadelphia, PA, as well as young Classical Christian schools. He has taught in the middle and upper schools (Math and Economics) and coached soccer, basketball, baseball and at the college level in soccer. Peter holds two patents in Mobile Advertising. Peter is known for his ability to articulate the power and simplicity of a classical and Christian education. He has presented at national conferences including the Association of Classical Christian Schools, The Society for Classical Learning and the CiRCE Institute and has been a featured speaker at Classical Christian Schools across the United States.

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