Classical School Sustainability in Changing Times

Mark Guthrie June 9, 2013

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2013


Charter schools, home schools, magnet schools, parental abdication, and economic hardships are only a few of the challenges that Classical Christian schools must face in the future. How can our schools not only maintain, but thrive moving forward? Mark Guthrie will present strategic ideas for the future sustainability (and growth) of Classical Christian schools.


Classical Schools Growth Strategies Sustainability


Mark Guthrie
Mark Guthrie is serving as Head of School at Amazima Ministries since 2014 and previously served as Head of School at Caldwell Academy for 10 years. Prior to his position at Caldwell, Mark served as the Director of The American School of Lyon in Lyon, France. He has been a teacher and administrator for over 26 years in both the public and private systems in South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and France. Mark has educational degrees in Mathematics and Administration/Supervision from Bob Jones University, The Ohio State University, and Lincoln Memorial University. His passion is to provide students a rigorous classical academic education within a biblical worldview. Mark has been married for 26 years to his wife, Laura. They have four children, Christian, Victoria, Pius, and Brian. Pius and Brian were adopted from Uganda.

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