Common Core, AdvancED, and Changes in the Works

David Goodwin June 28, 2015

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2015


There’s much in the news about Common Core-- less about AdvancED. Put together, these two developments represent what may turn out to be, arguably, the biggest educational change in the past century. As classical Christian schools, we need to understand the ideas behind these organizations so that we can look toward the changes that may come in the future. In this session, we will look at regional accreditation as a model, understand the AdvancED influence, and look at how the combination of AdvancED and Common Core will likely impact the nation’s schools— public, charter, private, and classical Christian. We will look at ways to prepare now for inevitable changes that will impact even non-AdvancED, non-Common Core schools as a result of market and political forces. As these two forces in education— one specifying what should be taught and the other enforcing it— become more “baked in” to k-12 schools, colleges, and standardized testing, we need to be prepared.


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David Goodwin
David Goodwin is currently the President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools. Previously, he served for 10 years as Headmaster, and 20 years on the board of The Ambrose School in Boise, Idaho. During his time at Ambrose, his work in gaining state recognition for athletic purposes brought him into the world of regional accreditation. He and his wife, Stormy, live in Boise with their children Elise, Alex, and Graham. They are members and worship at All Saints Presbyterian Church (PCA).

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